We had our golden retriever, Jack, put to sleep on the 30th of May.  I had been with my previous dog several years ago when she was euthanized, and at the time the vet (same vet) "couldn't find the vein."  This time was the same story.

At our new vet's office today, he explained how he euthanizes an animal, and it is far more peaceful than Jack's situation.  He gives the animal a tranquilizer, then when it begins to calm him he puts a port in for the meds.  Once the port is established and the dog and owner are ready, he then puts in the sedative that allows him to go to sleep, and only after that does he administer the final drug.

If you are considering euthanasia soon, ask your vet prior to the visit what their procedure is.  If they don't give him a sedative before "finding the vein," give him one you have at your house before you leave for the animal hospital.  I so wish that I had thought of this before.  Instead Jack was whimpering because he had been stuck so many times with the needle and I had to lay on him to keep him still.  Euthanasia is such a sad thing to have to decide, but there are far better ways to do it than I experienced.

Donna McQuade
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I am very sorry for your grief Donna.  I've also had a few horrible euthanasia experiences.  I have a suggestion though.  If your vet doesn't use a tranquilizer first?  Go to another vet.   That in my opinion is an outrageous thing for a vet to do and I would not trust them in that case.
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I was REFUSED a tranquilizer for my cat. I was told "we only use
those on fractious dogs"............omg.

She died screaming and her claws in my bed. It is a horrible memory.

I have driven around since then with a sign on my rear window
As long as I live in this town, that sign will remain there.

Oh and I was forced to pay for this cruelty too.
"People disappoint, dogs never do" - spiritdog

"You MUST be your pets ADVOCATE, if it doesn't feel right walk away." - spiritdog
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That is outrageous, I would never ever trust a vet who didn't use a sedative first. I'm not sure why anyone would withhold that from a pet. That's the only humane way to do it. I'm so sorry you had to experience a euthanasia like that.
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Dear Spiritdog.  I wish I could give you a hug that would make all the pain and sorrow of that terrible experience go away.
I had a vet come to my house who thought I would permit him to do a heart stick on my beloved cat which I refused.  I
think you are correct to have that bumper sticker and in fact, most vets have a facebook page and you should probably go
there and confront this person about his so called lack of ethics.  It is painful enough to lose a beloved pet without having
to go through a horror show like that.  I've had a cat burned during an operation with a heating pad (his entire lower back
was left without hair) and I've had a vet threaten to walk out in the middle of a euthanasia because I asked her not to use
alcohol.  I didn't want my dear cat's last breath to be of alcohol fumes.  I hate to say this but most vets lose a great deal of
their humanity not to mention if you think love of animals is their motivating factor for being a vet - think again.  MONEY.
They make a LOT of money and they become lords of their own little castles.  Everyone there works for them so you know they
aren't going to say anything but "Yes sir or mam."   Sad.  But hey, people doctors and hospitals aren't very trustworthy so
we should all realize that animal doctors aren't going to be much different.   I learned the hard way or should I say my pets
learned the hard way.  I just watched. 
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MY vet tranquilised my girl before he euthanased her made it so much easier on her cause she didn't know what was happening, thank goodness because he had trouble finding the vein. Definitely ask for it to be done
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