2 days ago our beloved Rona (dog) passed away suddenly. She was playing in the morning and being herself. In early afternoon she threw up a yellow foam mucus. We thought that it was her belly being upset. We tried to give her something to eat, I boiled chicken and rice, and offered her several other options which she wanted no parts of. She went outside and did her business and everything was good with that. She was also drinking. About 8 hours later she passed away at home. She was 5 years old. She was healthy, goes to vet every 6 months, up to date on her shots and had no health issues.

We have 3 other dogs as well. We know how this is effecting us with the grieving but they are also going through it also.

How do we even start to get through the grieving process of losing her? She is our first dog that has passed away.

Thank you!

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i am so sorry about the passing of your Rona, and being so young and especially with her not having any prior health complications. I guess you could get an autopsy to find the reason why, yet that will not bring her back to you but maybe clear your mind a bit.

I am glad you have 3 other dogs to love, yet i know your heart is breaking now for your girl Rona.

Please keep her memory living on by posting here, it does take away that alone feeling. As I know the first few months are by far the hardest, this path we call grieving is a hard one to be on.

My heart goes out to you.



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That is so hard, losing one so young. I'm very sorry for your loss. It takes a long time for the grief to heal, for the pain to start to ease. I hope writing here and connecting with others who understand the heart break will help you. Wishing you much comfort...
-Missing Marissa deeply
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