Two nights ago, I had to make the very difficult decision to euthanise my beautiful dog Bonnie. She was only 5 years old and had her while life ahead of her. I thought we would have had more time together.

I had put her in the care of our local boarding kennel for the weekend as we were away. She had been there plenty times before and felt comfortable there.
I had finished work on Monday, lead in hand going to pick her up when I got a call from the kennel owner saying he had to rush Bonnie to the vet as she was showing unusual symptoms and needed emergency surgery. I spoke to the vet over the phone and said I was 30 minutes away. By the time I got there, she was on the operating table and I was told she had a really bad case of GDV (bloat) and it was very unlikely she would survive the operation/night (5% she would survive). If she did, she would have to live on fluids and would have lifelong digestive issues due to having less than half over her stomach.

I made the decision to euthanise her, as I did not want to continue her suffering. I felt it was the right decision, even though it really broke my heart. I was with her in the operating room while they euthanised her, I was whispering in her ear hoping she knew I was there and that I loved her.

I can’t comprehend that she is gone. I feel so guilty over leaving her at the kennel and not having her with me. I didn’t know that dropping her off there was the last time I’d see her alive and happy.

We had a very special bond, and her love for me was unconditional. I can’t imagine how my life will be now that she is gone..even though she was in my life for only 5 years, she took over my heart completely.
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Hi Kim,

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bonnie. She is GORGEOUS! Her fur looks almost white!

Many of us here can relate that we have to make that painful, awful, selfless decision to take the pain away from our babies and put it upon ourselves. It's the last gift we can give them physically here. I know how painful it is as we had to make that decision for our ginger kitty Milo on June 13th. It was the worst day of my life. It's been a struggle each and every day. I miss him so much that words can't express. He was my son, my love, my hero, my warrior, my comfort, my anti-anxiety...he was my rock. And I'm so thankful for him even if we had a short 10 years together. He showed me what true unconditional love is and he took a very large portion of my heart with him.

Please know we're here for you. We all feel your pain and know it's not easy. I hope you find comfort here as I have. There are many wonderful people who have helped me through this tragic time. Still in the thick of it but I know I am able to have support here.

You're in my thoughts.


Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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I  am so very sorry for the loss of your precious Bonnie.  You made a very courageous decision to end her suffering when you were told of her overall prognosis.  I know how difficult that decision is, since I have had to make it several times.  But  you did the right thing for her.

There is no reason to feel guilt about putting her in a kennel.  She had always done well there and you have to make some decision when you leave home, as you will from time to time.  The kennel sounds like it handled things responsibly when they saw signs that she needed vet care.

If you had been home, the same thing probably would have happened.  It is always hard to lose our beloved fur babies no matter what the circumstances are around their death.  You are now going through the grief that everyone on this forum experiences in one form or another.  You are with people who understand your pain and can offer support, even though we can't change anything.

Again, I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Bonnie and the suffering you are now experiencing.
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I am very sorry to hear about your beautiful Bonnie. I know what you mean I had to make the same agonizing decision a few weeks ago to have my little girl Willow put to sleep. I was so proud of her as she fought so hard but in the end she couldn't make it. You know that Bonnie knows that you love her! It only takes a few moments for a furry buddy to take over our hearts. We are better people because of them.
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Dear Kim,

I am very saddened to learn of your loss of your beloved Bonnie. She was quite a beauty as you well know and looks happy in the photo image that you shared with us.

I had never even heard of  GDV (bloat), and did a search and was surprised to read of how dangerous it is to dogs. I am so sorry that Bonnie had to endure what she did and for what you and yours are now coping with.

As they say by showing such mercy: "By ending her pain & suffering, you took on her pain & suffering." That is the bargain so many of us here on this forum felt we had to make, as heartbreaking and sorrowful as it was, to make that final, fatal decision. 

Welcome to the forum. There are many kind, compassionate, loving and humane people here and you may find that it is helpful to visit and share your memories and read of others memories of their beloved's.

Kind regards,
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I’m so very sorry for your loss. We had to make this painful decision in March for our 13 year old furbaby. Your girl was beautiful.
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