Lexi was a Rough Collie whom I loved immensely. My family and I got her December 2007 when she was about 10 weeks old and I was only 14 years old. She was my “second chance” dog because the other dog we had wasn’t fond of me due to childish antics years previous (dressing her up, making her follow me, etc lol) & so I wanted a dog who actually wanted to be around me.
Well, Lexi was that & more. She was the sweetest, loving, kind soul you could imagine. Her and I? Soulmates.
We had a special connection. I don’t know how to explain it except every time I looked in her eyes, it was like she understood everything.

Friday, June 29 2018, she woke up unable to use her back legs. They were dragging behind her. The day before, she was JUST FINE. My mom told me later that afternoon what was happening since I just started a new job and she didn’t want me leaving. The vet said she had 2-3 vertebrae in her back push/fuse together which was causing the paralysis.
When I went to go see Lexi, she pushed up on her front legs but couldn’t move her back. I started crying but said hi to her like normal. I knew at that time what was happening. She couldn’t go potty by herself, she couldn’t drink water correctly. I knew but I wasn’t ready.
Saturday, June 30 2018. The worst day of my life so far. Her front legs had stopped working, too. She could only life her neck & head. But she was ALL there. My poor baby, completely aware, and unable to walk or drink or eat. It was absolutely KILLING me seeing her like this.
At 11am, we got her to the vet for our 2nd opinion that we kind of all knew would be the same. Her front and back legs weren’t as warm as they should be & she was so sad. The vet said the most humane option would be euthanasia.
He gave her a drug to calm her and go to “la-la land”. But, it’s a hallucinogen & she started to vocalize. It sounded like she was scared and it made us all so so sad. As I looked in her eyes, Lexi wasn’t there anymore. She had an emptiness there due to the drugs. Then, they came in & I held her as they gave her the euthanasia drug. She stopped whining & I started sobbing. My baby was gone.

I’m truly struggling. She was 10-1/2 years old & was TAKEN from me so fast. I miss my baby. I miss my Lexo. I miss her soft fur & her baby kisses. I miss her jungle noises. I miss her kindness. I miss her understanding.

I’m really, REALLY struggling & really don’t know how to cope.
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I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Lexi. You grew up with her, you loved her dearly and she was your soul-mate. The beautiful pictures you posted just show so much love between the two of you. Yet you did the most selfless loving thing to let her go as her time had come. I know how much this hurts as I have been there myself. Max and I grew old together and I still miss him dearly after half a year now. Your loss is so raw and right now you are overwhelmed with pain and sorrow. This is only natural as you loved her so much. You are not alone in this, Kara, we all understand and are here for you to comfort you and dry your tears.

My heart goes out to you
Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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I'm so sorry Kara. Lexi was a very beautiful girl and the bond you shared undeniable from the pictures you shared and your sweet, heartbreaking story. This is a good place to write about how you are feeling. You are very sad and that's normal after you've suffered a huge loss. Purcell is right. We all understand the pain of losing your cherished pet. Hugs to you!
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I am very sorry for your loss of Lexi.  The pictures are so precious - "hugs and kisses".  Our pets give us so much love and companionship without effort.  To them is just "normal" to love their special human.  I am sorry that you are suffering this "awful" pain, but, we are here to offer you support.  We all understand your pain, we all lost a very special fur baby - feather baby - scaly baby.  You are not alone in your grief.  Take care.  Hugs
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Thank you, all, for your kind words. The days seem to have gotten easier but I’m going to my cabin this weekend where she won’t be there to greet me for the first time and I have a feeling it’s going to be rough.
I appreciate all your support so so much!
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Just came across this I have recently just been through the same thing only thing is where we went they couldn't be sure what caused it but she said a ruptured spine disk as she had no pain in her toes when pressed and no reaction, it all happened in one day , the place to operate was to far to go for my little Lucy she was a border collie of 9 years old, and I keep desperately trying to look for anyone who chose the same option to me, except I never took her home as everyone saw how she was and knew what she as like and didn't think it'd be fair to her but I question myself each day. She might of been different and got better I miss her so much ☹️ it still doesn't feel real.
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