Last Saturday we lost our 3year old Cavalier King Charles Franklin. He was such a happy and healthy boy. The circumstances surrounding his death are haunting me. He had a great day, we were at our family home in Maine he wanted to swim all afternoon , which is different for him as he never really loved the lake. That day He couldn't get enough of it , he spent about an hour chasing a ball into the lake and running it back to us on the beach. We left after an hour and he walked home and let me blow dry him. He drank some water and went on the porch to rest . About 45 minutes later he wasn't breathing and had no heart beat. We immediately started CPR even though I knew in my heart he was gone. The ride to the only animal clinic in the area took 45min and they told us almost immediately that he was gone. They weren't able to preform a necropsy at the clinic and we couldn't bear driving 3hours with him to another clinic. I'm greatly regretting that decision. I keep playing the day in my head and get sick not knowing what happened to our baby. I've never been so hurt in my life and feel like I'll never want to love that much again. Please tell me this gets easier my heart is broken.
Franklin's Mom
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I am so sorry for your loss . We never know how long we are going to have our fur babies on our lives . Try to keep in mind that he had such a wonderful day with his family . We hurt so much because we loved so much . I have been through a sudden loss myself with my Samantha . Gone in an instant .Remember he's watching over you and will always be in your heart .I felt like you . It's going to be 2 months since my loss and its still not easy . I hope you find peace . Take care Rob
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yesterday I just lost my 6 year old newfie suddenly almost just like your situation the night before he was great barking and running at anything that came past his back yard and then I went to work at 4am and let him out and when my husband went to bring him in around 7am he didn't come he was found in his favorite spot gone with his belly swollen and like you I am just devastated on how this happened so sudden and am completely lost , but with thoughts and memories of our babies and knowing we will meet again we all need to cope as best we can  until that time comes, I'm so sorry for your loss as I know how you feel.
pamela meadows
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I am so sorry for your loss. I just saw your post to me as well. I know what you are going through. Your baby was only 3 and that just breaks my heart. It is so hard. Today is 8 weeks since my baby Tony left me and life is just blah. It gets a little easier to get through the days but it feels like I lost him yesterday. It is such a hole in our hearts. It is such a devastating loss. The sudden death is just torture because you just don't know what happened. I know. But know your Franklin is at rest. It is just a passing. You will be with him again one day! I did not get a necropsy because I could not think of him being dissected. I could not do it. I had to remember him at peace. And now I'm left with the why? Nothing was going to bring him back. So in the end, it just doesn't matter. I am so happy that the last day of your babies life was probably the best day ever! My baby loved Maine. I just moved from there this December. It is so beautiful there. I started to feel guilty that maybe my golden hated the move. But, I tried to stop blaming myself. You will blame yourself. It's normal. But you didn't do anything wrong but give him an awesome day! Cavaliers are so beautiful. I also have a cavapoo. I know how much they love the water. I know how hard your loss is! We are all here for you. Writing and posting pictures really helped me just breathe that first awful month. I am thinking of you...
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