Christmas night me and my fiancé came home from a rather already difficult day. For some reason I was emotional the entire day. A couple hours later my 16 year old son got home after being dropped off from my mothers as we had left early. I opened the door to my bedroom to greet him and Lynx my Leopard Bengal made his way into our bedroom. He sat in front of our dresser and I picked him up to lay in the bed and snuggle with him. (He had been less affectionate the last couple of weeks. I recalled telling my fiancé earlier in the month that he seemed different. The hectic nature of Christmas and having started a new job kept me so busy that I brushed it off and assumed it was a phase.) He stayed out for a few minutes and then made his way off our bed and out the door. Seconds later my son calked out to me that Lynx was breathing weird. I was so confused because he was just in my arms. I ran to the door and there he was panting while excreting large amounts of clear fluid from his mouth. My fiancé at the sink was trying to keep us calm. I searched for the nearest pet hospital number and voice on the other line told me Lynx needed to go in as soon as possible. When we got to the hospital they came running out while calling it a STAT emergency. I new it was bad. After they worked him up, X-rays showed he had an enlarged heart and his lungs were filled with fluid. That was the clear fluid he was excreting. His body was trying to clear it from his lungs. He was weak and lethargic. I couldn’t bear to see my quirky, engaging, lovable furbabe in such turmoil. He was a like a dog in the form of a cat. He had imprinted on my heart and I always knew when the day came that he would leave us I would struggle but nothing prepared me for just how hard this would be. They worked on him for 15 hours. After an echocardiogram made it clear his heart was not going to recover I knew it was time to end his pain. This has been by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to make a decision on. He was born on 4/20/2012. Came into our lives on 12/1/2012 and left our lives forever changed on 12/26/2017. Our home feels empty and quiet without him. My son is heart broken. Even my fiancé who isn’t a cat person is grieving the loss of his greetings at the door upon his arrival from work. Most of all his companion Jade... I can only imagine she is hurting the most. I’m so angry, hurt, broken all wrapped into one among so many other feelings. Why is the loss of these furry babies so difficult?!
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I’m so sorry for your loss of Lynx. He’s a gorgeous boy. What a heart breaking story 😿 He’s with the angels now. You made the best choice for him. Poor jade must be devastated too. Somehow you will get through this. Sudden losses like this are so unbelievably painful. Lynx spirit is still here I’m sure so you can talk to him. I still talk to all my kitties who passed. Hugs to you.
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I’m really sorry for the loss of your beautiful Lynx.

The pain is just so unbearable isn’t it? I lost my beautiful boy Raisin just over 2 months ago and it was also very sudden. He was fine and I literally got up in the morning to find that he had died. I have been reading lots on the internet and I can only assume is was his heart. He had absolutely no symptoms, I didn’t want a necropsy done on him, so I can only assume it was something like your Lynx suffered from. He was born in our house and was only 4.

Please take care of yourself. This recent loss of Raisin completely floored me and I could barely function for the first couple of weeks. I still miss him so much and am still unable to look at photos of him.

I think people under estimate the devastation we feel when we lose our fur babies, until it happens to them. They are not just pets, they are my family.

Take your time to grieve, there is no wrong or right way and also no time limit.

The picture of Lynx is beautiful, what a handsome chap.

Sending warm hugs to you

Vicky x
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Hi, I had something similar happen with one of my cats, it is indeed a terrible shock and so heartbreaking.  Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can come so suddenly and become critical with little or no previous symptoms.
The only thing I can offer you is that now your beautiful baby is free of any problems, no pain, or stress, nothing to upset or disturb.  That is the thoughts we cling to while going through the heartache.
Marlene Wagner
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Thank you all for the kind and supportive comments. I’m not even aware of the date today but I know it’s been a few days. It feels as though a piece of my heart is missing. I can’t seem to find comfort in much of anything. All I can think is that it will take time. The terrible part is I started a new job and I’m training on a heart failure unit. Thank God I’m off until the new year but in the mean time I’m dreading the days leading up. All I can think about is how much I want to hold my little angel. What did you all do to cope?
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