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My Prince - only about 7 years old - died suddenly last year. The night before he was fine, running around and jumping on my shoulders. The next morning he was lying on his side with blood coming from his mouth. I rushed him to the vet and she couldn't be sure, but she suggested hemorrhagic gastroenteritis - basically they just bleed out internally. He was so far gone we had to euthanize him and she had trouble even finding a vein.
They asked me if I had any poisonous plants in the house. I did have 2 large philodendrons that had wintered inside for years. I'd only rarely seen the cats chewing on them at all, but the vet (a new hire I'd never seen before) snidely suggested that the plants must have been the cause since "we can't think of anything else." Never mind that I couldn't find any mention in research literature of plants high in oxalic acid causing internal bleeding; philodendron causes mouth irritation. That evening, I saw Polo nibble on a leaf. He vomited it up, walked away and that was it. I know the plants didn't kill him.

So sorry about your baby. Like you, like all of us, I wish I knew what really happened. Then I might have some peace.
When my pets all pass, I don't think I'll have another one. I just can't take it when they die.
"Some of you say, "Joy is greater than sorrow" and others say, "Nay, sorrow is the greater." But I say unto you, they are inseparable. Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed." Khalil Gibran
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Hello Pinecone,
After reading your post, what impressed me most, is that I could actually see myself in your place. I was experiencing that moment with you. I am so sorry, that your cat succumbed at such a young age. I agree it wasn't poisoning. It is just speculation,but I think your cat may have had a pulmonary embolism. Cats can aspirate their own vomit and cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs. I just saw this on a vet show I watch on animal planet. Unfortunately these are sudden acute events.
The benefit to this site is that we can support one another during these horrible days of grief. Your post made realize, that I couldn't have saved Rusty. You had your cat right there , and the vet couldn't save him. I suppose once you see the blood there is no chance because the lungs are too impaired at that point. So as horrible as it sounds, these posts enlighten us.
I too, will not replace my cats once they are gone. My house will seem empty and I will feel a tremendous void. I have had cats for almost 40 years!!! I am too traumatized by their deaths and I won't set myself up for that heartache again .
Mary Lewis
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Hi Mary,

My thoughts were exactly the same, I spent all week researching what could have happened to try and put my mind at some kind of rest but I was met with the same answers as i was given by the vets and my friends and family- I think like you I had weirdly refused to acept it because I never imagined he would go that way nor did i have any time to prepare for hope like I'm sure all our hopes is that after a long happy life with us our babies will pass peacefully in there sleep, but sadly in many cases this just isn't meant to be.
I think it's also harder for us to take in because unlike humans they cant tell us what to do or how they feel so we take it upon ourselves to interpret and try our best for them such is why it's so awful when it happens quickly we have no chance to react and we wreck our brains going over and over things we might have missed. It took me a while to begin to accept that as tragic as this was there really isn't anything anyone could have done..of course that doesn't take away the grieving but please take comfort in the fact like I have said before cats by nature try to find solitude when they are sick to protect themselves, it shows great trust that he stayed in your house it is clearly a place he felt safe.
as for Tom he was put to sleep, I felt awful for dragging him out of bed in vein hope of saving him just to have his life taken away on a cold hard table in a place he didn't really know but there was no choice. He didnt have blood coming out of his mouth but the vet said it was only a matter of time before he would, she had seen it a few times before and they become I'll so quickly It can be a matter if minutes. It is also something that is hard to detect and even harder to treat in older cats so even if it was caught early the outcome is still the same. I hope this helps, stay strong.
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Wow I am so sorry the emergency vet was so cold ... I think its terrible because they are probably trained to stay calm and what not, but this was so unexpected and u have no idea what happened to ur baby. They should have been more comforting and willing to help.
My heart breaks for u...

Loving thoughts and prayers,
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I would like to attach his picture, but each time I try it says the file is too large.....
Thanks to all of you that have posted....oops I think it just worked....we will see
Mary Lewis
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Just saw Rustys picture,  most of the cats I have had through the years have been this color.  That was always my favorite.  
I have so many memories, happy times with my furbabies.  Then too the memory of the heartbreak when I had to say goodbye.

The grief we have is the price we pay for the love we shared.  When the pain is new and raw, the price seems pretty high but when we really think about it they are worth it.

Marlene Wagner
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Yes I suppose when we first acquire these loving cats, we aren't thinking that the horrible day will come,when they will be gone. As you are aware, and everyone who is posting here, that having your pet for many years becomes part of your everyday existence. You take for granted that you will see them each and every day,somehow dismissing the notion, that isn't physically possible. We forget at times that human years and cat and dog years do not match .
That is why I cannot ever obtain another cat. My cats usually live fairly long lives, and if I acquire another kitten now , I will be getting a bit too old , if it does live long too.
By then I am not sure I would have the emotional strength to watch it come to it's end.
Yes, my cats have brought me many years of joy , but now I have to accept what is realistic.
Mary Lewis
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