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I am so sorry for your loss, my lab Jet died a week ago after a very short illness and I know the pain and heartache you are feeling, my deepest condolences go to you.
Sending a hug to you and your family.
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I lost my beloved kitty Marco while watching tv two nights ago. He was six years old. He was washing himself when he suddenly jumped up and ran into the wall and turned around fell down. He lay on his side and let out one last moan and he was gone. This all happened in ten or 12 seconds. I didn't even have time to reach for the phone to call the pet emergency hospital. He was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect a year ago but I could not afford the meds or follow-up visits. He was a loving and affectionate kitty and my best friend. My heart is broken. This is unbearable. Can't stop crying.
James Gonsalves
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So sorry for your loss I had to put my dog jasper to sleep in 2012 and it was soul destroying. A few months later I was walking my dog in the local park when I found a tiny ginger kitten. I took him home with the intention of rehousing him but that didn't happen. I feel he was sent to replace jasper and I love him so much. He started to feel unwell 3 weeks ago and I took him to the vet. He had three visits three antibiotics and lots of tests. He has been diagnosed with an untreatable virus and now I have to make the decision when to put him to sleep.i know it has to be soon it's cruel to see him suffer. I feel someone has ripped my heart out and can't stop crying or concentrate on anything but him. I hope you feel better soon but know from past experience it takes time
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Kingston James,
I am so very sorry about yout loss. Losing someone so suddenly is an awful thing. My deacon boy woke me up Thursday morning letting me know he had to potty per usual, he always went to do his business in the woods behind our house. So when he went I thought nothing of it, he never came back. When I went to get him i found him lying on the side of the highway, lifeless. I fell to my knees right there screaming and crying. How could I let this happen? I felt so guilty. He was just with me minutes before. I am so depressed I dont know what to do with myself. He was only 1 years old. The house is so empty and I hate being home. Luckily I found this site, everyones stories have helped me knowing I am not in this alone. Come on here often, it will slowly make you feel better. Take it one day at a time. We will get through this.
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So sorry for your loss, I joined this site yesterday and yes it has helped me but very little.  I also have to keep in mind that it hasn't even been a week.  I feel like I am going crazy because I swear sometimes I can hear her.  I avoid my house at all costs but even leaving is painful because she used to bark all the way until I would shut the door...and then some.  Nala hated when we would leave, she loved us so much.  I think the common factor between all of us here is how unbearable the silence is. I wish you all a good day and I will try to be strong.
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Kingston James, I and all others on here feel and share your grief. I don't know what is worse, a sudden farewell or watching your baby get old and ill. Both are so unbearable. I used to love coming home and being at home with my beautiful Molly but now there is just a huge sad empty void. It's soul crushing and i feel like I don't want to live without her. X
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OMG who but a dog owner could relate to the feelings endured when something like this occurs. My pup Scruffy was to be 15 in May of this year (2016). I don't know why I felt he was on the fast track to be 17. Why I really don't know. About 5 months earlier he fell going up the stairs. Since then we have carried him on the stairs. He could still manage the soft steps up to our bed he shared with us. The day before we had taken a pretty long walk and at the end he looked spry to me. The next morning (January 7th) I woke with an irritation that had me distracted. I noticed him go from bedroom to kitchen and back but only after did it seem odd. At 8:45 my wife called out "come quickly there is something wrong with Scruffy". What happened next is heart breaking as your poor boxers sudden death. I came in and saw him leaning up against the wall. This my 8 pound buddy who was always full of life and movement (if not mischief). I picked him up and took him to my bed but as sure as he seemed fine moments before, he was now groaning ever so louder and to spare the drama I gathered up my wife and after promising him he would be safe in my arms (I had now held him on my belly (where he always felt safe and comfortable) for over and hour, off to the vets full of dread knowing the truth. After going in the vets back door, I was crying so hard and loud I did not want to face another human being. The vet surmised he had a stroke and was leaking spinal fluid. As the vet gave the  shot I was crying like a baby, kissing him on his head and seeing all our good times flash by. I would not put him down till he was gone and it remains as bad as anything I have ever lived through. I was not prepared for this and find each day different moments and things remind me of him. If we have something in common its the here today gone tomorrow that life never prepares us for. I am sorry for your loss. I still btw miss him and cry for him. 

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I am so sorry for your loss! This must have been devastating to lose him so quickly with no warning.
Sending you hugs!
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I am so sorry for the loss of all here.  I read HollyMom's post and the same happened to the love of my life 11 y/o maltese Bexley.  He had been diagnosed with a heart murmur and I was grooming him one hour before our vet appointment last month.  He was in my arms, with my left hand over his chest and my right hand holding his right paw, when his heart stopped, he went limp and died instantly.  He did not yelp and no spasms.  There was no vomit, blood, urine, fluid or foam.  It was such a shock and no time to say goodbye.  He was the most precious and sweet creature.... wanted to be with me every moment.  The house and my life is not the same without him; he is in the presence of God now.  This site is a comfort, knowing I am not alone in my pain. 
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