I am new to this site but this is my story. My 9 year old border collie Cody was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in March 2012 we decided on surgery at the time to fix it. It was painful on his back right thigh. He recovered and was back to normal. Shortly after healing the discovered he had Cushings disease from too many steroids from allergies. From getting the cushings he developed diabetes and became insulin dependent. His cancer returned in the same spot in July and we discussed with the vet our decision not to operate it was too tramatic for him, the cancer was up against his anal wall and they could not cut it all out without causing further damage. Well in sept. I had to go to my parents to take my mom back and forth to the hospital because my dad was ill and we didn't know why. Fevers chills night sweats constantly. The tumor on Cody's back side continued to grow. On Oct. my husband called to say he had to put him down because the tumor grew so large it busted open and there was nothing the vet could do. As my dad fevered at 103.5 I knelt beside him and he comforted me for the loss of Cody. I cried so hard that night but had to focus on dad.So I could not grieve. Well we found out dad had cancer on October 28th he had his first Chemo on the 31st and we lost him due to a blood clot in his lung on the night of Thanksgiving. I have been through so much with losing him and dad it is unbearable at times. I finally went to the vet on Friday last week and asked him how it was for Cody in the end. His story touched me to the core. He never left Cody's side he made sure he was comfortable the whole time and Cody went peacefully. I could not have asked for a better vet and would recommend him to anyone. My heart still aches for the both of them.But I know that within weeks they were across the rainbow bridge together playing ball and cancer free. I miss you Dad and Cody every day..

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