I lost my Logan on October 29th of this year.  I thank God for this site and "some" friends and family who are supportive.

So the day after I put Logan down I went to work because I could not stay in the house.  At work I was crying my head off and 2 of my co-workers wrapped their arms around me and comforted me.  My 3 colleagues were standing around me, meanwhile another colleague came in, walked right pass me sat down and started complaining about how much traffic there was and how difficult it was to get to work??? She never mentioned Logan once and how I was doing for that matter! Hmmmmm....really??

We all found her behavior to be disgusting.

OK so I let that go and tried to mange looking at her without punching her in the face.  BUT it gets better!

Last week while on facebook I see that she posted a video saying:

Times co-worker has mentioned their pet today:  IIII  III
Number of times I've asked: 0
With the caption: So Mean!!But SO FUNNY

There's nothing funny about this, even if it was not directed at me you don't post stuff like that, especially since a co-worker just lost her dog and the other co-worker owns a dog.

I was livid and immediately texted my boss who thought this was disgraceful. She had a talk with her but she justified everything saying it was a joke, she was not trying her hurt me, it was not meant for anyone in particular and that she would not be so mean?  really...If she wasn't that mean she would never post stuff like that. 

I was not not happy at this job for some time now and she just put the cherry on the cake and so I resigned.  Could not handle working with a person like that. 

And that's why i love dogs more than humans!

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  I am sorry that you had to put up with that stuff in light of losing your Logan on Oct. 29th. The so called "joke" on Facebook is not funny at all. The person that did that should apologize to you and be made to do (100) hours of community service cleaning cages at a local animal shelter. That might teach her some respect for our furry friends. I am glad that you refrained from punching this person in the face. You kept your cool which shows that you are a better person than she. This woman sounds like a real jerk - a loser in the truest sense. I can certainly understand your anger. I have my own to deal with too. When you feel up to it please post some more stuff about Logan. We'd all like to hear more about your beloved pet. Thank You for sharing.


Jim Miller
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Oh....I am so sorry you had to encounter a person who could do something like this -so heartless and stupid. People like this live with their mistakes. You live with your love and honour for your Logan.

I can not understand someone so "missing a few pieces" as this woman. We must feel sorry for them, because they have so much to learn yet.

Meanwhile, I hope you will find a much happier job somewhere. And try also to remember those colleagues who hugged you and understood perfectly.

Some people are just jerks. They are missing a LOT!!

My condolences on the passing of your dog Logan, bless his Soul.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Hi Cory - I’m not what to even say about this one but WOW! It is a shame in your time of grief to have to put up with that crap and add anger to your emotions. This site you are in good company though, we all like our as animals more than people. At least I can say that for myself. I am not ashamed to say I grieved my dog Zeke more than any human I have known. I agree with Jim, send us some details of pics on your dog. It will be appreciated here and you can honor him / her that way. Take care - Ted
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Logan.

Not only were you brave to go into work and face lots of people whilst grieving, but you were also brave to choose to ignore this person who acted extremely rude and insensitive. You were AND ARE the better person!

I hope one day she will realise how bad her behaviour was and learns from it to prevent her from causing any pain in future.

sending comfort.

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Sorry for your loss of Logan. I too feel your pain of stupid people. Had a family member tell me that at least it wasn't a person that died and that I should be fine after 3 wks. Omg..really???
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My Logan :-) I love you sweet pea
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Thanks to everyone for posting.  Your support and understanding means so much.

GMR,  Your family member clearly does not understand the loss of a pet?  People can be so insensitive and ignorant!

Zeke1, I too am grieving Logan more than any human I know, and am not ashamed to say it.  He meant the world to me!

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Oh Cory
What absolute idiots there are in the world. All I can say is that this person will never gain the richness of life that us furbaby lovers have gained. They will never know the love and never know the bond. Boy what they are missing. It also sounded like a bit of jealousy to me, they possibly envied what you had had....
I think it’s great that you resigned.
Hugs xx
Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation
Author Unknown  - adapted from Kahil Gilbran

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Hi Cory, 
I'm so sorry for your loss.  What an appalling thing to do as a joke at your expense. There are too many ignoramuses out there.  I'm sorry you had to experience that behavior.  After 3 weeks, my own husband told me I should "be over it" and this was after my dog died tragically on Christmas Eve.  I love my husband, but that was when I realized he lacks empathy and sensitivity. So, we can also be married to people like your co-worker.  Like the saying goes, "consider the source."  Don't take it personally.  I'm so sorry. No one here will ever minimize your loss.  Your Logan was so handsome and he meant the world to you, as our pets usually do for all of us.  I still grieve for my little one whose life was taken too soon from him.  Not from me. From him. He deserved to live his unselfish happy life.

Ignore fools and idiots. I'm hoping this poem will give you a little lift.   
Dedicated to you. 

~ Parker's Mom

He Was Just My Dog

By Unknown Author

He was my other eyes that could see above the clouds;
my other ears that heard above the winds.
He was the part of me that could reach out into the sea.

He had told me a thousand times over that I was his reason for being;
by the way he rested against my leg;
by the way he wagged his tail at my smallest smile;
by the way he showed he hurt when I left without taking him along
(I think it made him sick with worry because he was not along to care for me).

When I was wrong, he was delighted to forgive.
When I was angry, he clowned to make me smile.
When I was happy, he was joy unbounded.
When I was a fool, he ignored it.
When I succeeded, he bragged.
Without him, I am only another person.
With him, I was all powerful.

He was loyalty itself.
He had taught me the meaning of devotion.
With him, I knew a secret comfort and a private peace.
He had brought me understanding where before I was ignorant.
His head on my knee could heal my human hurts.
His kisses on my tears washed away my bad feelings.
His presence by my side was protection against my fears of dark and unknown things.

He had promised to wait for me…whenever…wherever…in case I need him.
And I expect I will — as I always have — he was just my dog.

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I love the poem.  Thanks.
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Parker's mom,

Thanks so much for posting.  Your words mean so much to me.  First let me start by saying how sorry I am about the loss of your precious fur baby, I can understand that pain all too well.

I'm also sorry by your husband's response, I guess some people just can't fully understand the loss of a pet and that's really sad.  I don't think I'll get over Logan's passing, I'll just manage my emotions better.

The poem is so poignant, thanks for sharing.

Cory (Logan's mom) 

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