My boy, grant, was a purebred rescue, he’s only 11 now. I won’t go through the story, but he has restrictive end stage heart failure. I am in agony. This boy is my most special cat I’ve ever known. He reaches out and holds my hand. Follows me everywhere. Loves me so much and I love him. He’s so sweet and gentle. The pain is agonizing for me right now. He’s on diuretics but the prognosis is less than 6 months on the long side.

I’ve had many many cats but never one I’ve ever felt such a bond with. He’s so gentle and sweet. He’s still only 11. I just am in agony and am thinking dark thoughts.

God help me. I’m struggling very bad right now.
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Dear Karen,

You can easily read in your words how much your beloved boy "Grant" means to you. And you are obviously a loving, kind, compassionate & empathetic person to care so deeply. My cat "Marmalade" (also a rescue) held my hand once, and it is still a very cherished memory of mine, so I can totally relate. 

My cat and I had a Secret Mutual Admiration Society that had only 2 members. Him & I. That was all we ever needed.  : )

Marmalade was my best friend, my son, my brother, my amigo, my comrade in arms, my only remaining family, my love & my light. We are truly, very fortunate that our paths ever crossed with such enchanting beings. The positive and everlasting impact they have on our lives is truly remarkable. So many here share their stories and photos etc. of their beloved's. 

I hope your Grant continues to be in your life for much more time, and that you two share even more special & cherished memories together. 

Kind regards,

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I am so sorry to hear the bad news on your beloved Grant's medical condition.  It is normal to have "dark thoughts" about the future when you receive a devastating diagnosis.  But you still have precious time left with Grant however long it is.  This is something which most people in this group don't have since we have already lost our fur babies.  Try to use every minute that you have to provide the best quality of life you can for Grant and enjoy him and everything that is special about him.  

When I was with one of my fur babies with heart disease who didn't have much time left, the words from a song kept going through my mind: "Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come but we have these moments today."  I know it is hard to stay focused on the present.  But many in this group would like to have even one more day with their fur baby.  You have those days. Try to use our experience and make the most of them.

We will be here to support you now and in the future with whatever happens with Grant.
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When I found out it was time, from that moment until her actual last day, we celebrated her. I did all of her favorite things, talked about how special she was, loved on her, and made her last day the best I could.
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I am so sorry about your devestating news with Grant. I just lost my Tonkinese cat Khaomanee Sun. He was 15 but I was not expecting it. I did chose to let him go due to his condition and his suffering but am second guessing. I was afraid I was letting him suffer because I did not want to lose him and I was afraid that putting him through more days - it had been 3 of pain - was about me. I am wishing right now I had given him another day to see if he could have any improvement. I am in so much pain right now I can't even think straight. He was the smartest most communicative cat I have ever known. My 4th cat out of 5. 

I totally sympathise with how you are feeling. My last cat got a fibrosarcoma from a rabies shot. It is not curable and takes them over very fast. So I had a 2 month period with him knowing everyday it will soon be my last. I shed many tears over him and Until I got Khaomanee I never thought I would love so much. I think my heart completely shattered this time tho. The pain is excruciating. The only think I can consol myself with was that he was the oldest pet I have had. At 15 still looked beautiful and I thought I would have a couple of more years - but I have learned before it can happen much sooner. Angel - with the fibrosarcoma was 13. I lost both these cats just after their birthdays. So yes 11 is not old. I lost my first cat at 4 years and my dog at 7. I will never take youth for granted again. Jeri
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