I said goodbye to my Lady dog 3 days ago and have been really struggling with grief and guilt. The week leading up to her death I know she was in a lot of pain and I wonder if I did enough for her and I have a lot of guilt that I didnt act on her health earlier. I knew she was my special dog but it wasnt until she passed that I realized how special a companion she was and I feel she gave me way more than I gave her. I feel like I'm living in this alternate reality where life is colored in grey and I have a loneliness that will never go away without her by my side. It's hard to describe; its like something shifted and I'll never feel fully supported ever again. Can anymore relate to this feeling?
I feel like no one understands the depth of my grief. I know that I should be grateful she had such a long life (she was 17-18 yrs), and I had 14 years with her, but it just feels like it wasnt enough and that I didnt do enough for her at the end.
It's also hard because I am 39 weeks pregnant and am really struggling to connect with this baby and my other kids because of this feeling like life is just grey now and won't color up again.
She was with me through all these hard times in my life and when people came in and out of my life and I didnt know where I would live I always knew she would be with me and now that shes not here I feel so vulnerable.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet, special Lady. I'm sure you gave her a wonderful life and in return she gave you unconditional love and support. Many times in my life a special furry friend has been there for me when others haven't so I can relate to your sad and lonely feelings. Please take care of yourself.

My condolences,
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