It's been 7 long months without my Peanut. I thought I was doing so much better. But for some reason lately the evenings have been very difficult for me. I've been longing to hold my baby and hug and kiss her. Tonight I just broke down crying. I move forward then backwards again. I feel bad feeling this way because I read so many posts here from people who have just lost there pet or that had it worse then I did. This longing is so hard. I just want her back. I'm alone and retired and although I have a cat it just isn't the same being they are so independent. Sometimes at night I feel bad for my cat because she seems lonely to me. She looks around probably wondering where her buddy is. Maybe it's just my imagination with the cat. I don't know. I don't think I could love another dog again. If only she would come to me in a dream so I would know she's happy where she is. Saying I miss my Peanut so much just doesn't cover the depth of how much I do. I hate this. I have had alot of losses in my life but this loss is so much deeper. Terrible to say. God help me with this.
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Gmr- I'm with you when you say I hate this and God help me and saying you miss your baby doesn't cover the depth.  I feel the same exact way. It's so incredibly hard.  I've had losses too - both of my parents which I love tremendously and the losses were agonizing. The lost of my boy is excruciating- I can't breathe multiple times throughout the day.  It's been 117 days.  

I'm so sorry about your Peanut.  Sounds like she was in a most loving and wonderful home. 
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