Yesterday my beloved Bony suddenly went into raspiratory distress in the morning. Couple of hours later we were holding him struggling for breat but still wanted to explore the new room. Then the vet give him sedation & he went into deep sleep. He didn't feel the second meds. He went so peacefully. He wasn't yet 6 years old. It was his 4th stay in the hospitsl. Last times he got better after several days in the oxygen cage. In previous stats vets did xrsys, ctscans, exploratory surgery, but cant find a reason for a sudden accumulation of air in his chest cavities. I was hoping Bony would get better in several days. But vet said that the xray showed deteriation of lungs. Mentioned biopsy, but said like before she is not sure of the reason and that Bony would not get better this time.
I wish I have more time...

Since we got him from the shelter at 4 month old he was always by my side. Sleeping with me, sitting next to me in the office, sofa, kitchen. It was tremendous comfort to see him. I love him so much. Bony & torti cat Glasha are my first pets in life. Unlike Glasha Bony was very affectionate. I am missing him at every corner, his gentle purr, his dance & demands for petting early in the morning in my bed, the warmth of his little body on my lap or by my side in bed, the way he asked for food & begged for chicken, his funny "proud run" with the toy, him caring the long feathered stick toy upstairs at night to dump the present by bed (we can hear the stick counting the stars), greeting me by the door, just purring when I talk love to him.
That void hurts so much. I used to love being home because of Bony, now I can't find any comfort. Bony & Glasa were my first pet. Since then I became a volunteer with cats in the local animal shelter & also foster kittens. I know I eventually adopt another cat I will get connected with.
I am trying to think of how happy Bony is in that meadow over the Rainbow Bridge
My Bony was scared of others, but some people he immediately got comfortable with. He was very attached to me & it hurts to think he is lonely where he is . Hopefully he found his human over there. I am not religious but now I really hope that we'll meet with him someday.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your very handsome and sweet Bony. Clearly he was very sweet and very much loved. And, OMG, he's absolutely adorable. From your post I feel like I know him a little bit. So cute that he carried his toy stick upstairs at night and I can imagine the sound that he made. I hope in time that happy memories help ease your pain.

My condolences,
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Thank you for your support Jan! All day today I was struck with numerous voids not seing my handsome boy in my life. He was constant loving comforting presence. Seing how aloof his sister is make me miss him even harder. I
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Dearest Marina (aka MVK),

I am so, so sorry to learn of your recent loss of your Bony. He was such a handsome and unique lad. Such a great face and color pattern. And he seems very happy and content in the wonderful and delightful photos that you shared with all of us. Thank you for also sharing some stories about your boy. Now we know of Bony and will remember him. : )

Your story about Bony having a proud run with his toy reminded me of my cat that I lost 7 months ago. He was named "Marmalade" (an orange & white tabby cat.) One of his nicknames was "Ole Horse & Buggy" as when he ran to me, he would run as if he was pulling a horse draw racing buggy. Lol. He would trot with a space between his front legs. It was the strangest sight. Cats can each be so unique and often so silly as you know.

Your story about your Bony carrying his toy wand up the stairs reminded me of my recent rescue kitten named "KID" (whom I named after the Charlie Chaplin silent movie, because he has a little black mustache, and the classic film is about an orphan) as he does that too. KID drags his toy wand from another room to me, in order to tell me that he wants to play. Even though it is longer than he is! I had never seen a cat do that before and found it totally adorable.

KID will also bring me other toys such as balls, toy mice and lately blankets and towels for some reason. Lol. He will slowly walk into my office from another room, with a large blanket in his mouth, walking bowlegged over the top of it, dragging it from above. I don't know how he is able to do so! At times I am shocked! I say "Where did that come from?" There will be a pile of things to the side of my chair. A sweatshirt, a blanket, a garbage bag. Lol. And KID appears so pleased with himself. As if to say "Look what I did."

May I ask what country you are writing from? I find it fascinating knowing where people are posting from. We all share a love for our pets, all over the World. What a true blessing!

I wish you healing during this difficult and challenging time.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Dear James, thank you for your kindest words of support. Your stories of Marmalade & KID made me smile. Bony trot was similar to Marmalade whe he was running toward food bawl. In his "proud" trot he was keeping his had high caring a mouse or feather in his mouse. The mouse or feather were a part of a wand stick toy. The wand was dragging behind him. He would drug it down to the basement. It was hilarious. I enjoyed your many stories of wonderful Marmalade on the forum. KID stories made me think that there is another cat out there for me. The empty spot will always be there. Everywhere I look I am missing my darling Bony.
I leave in Washington DC suburb.i am from Russia.
My other cat Glasha looks sad. I am playing with her & would give her more interactive toys. It seems that she needs my company more now.
I am so grateful for this forum. It is a healing place for me.
Thank you,
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