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Your advice is not useless at all..
I appreciate everything your saying totally..
We both have lost our soulmates in different circumstances but dosent make it any easier for each of us..
I have to believe that Ollie is now not suffering because of the choice i had to make..if i kept him alive the vet said he wld be on heart tablets for rest of hes life and every 2-3 mths he would of had to have hes lungs drained..i couldnt see him go through all that..its saddening..
You keep telling your stories which i loved reading and you give comfort to others..
Again i am so sorry for your boy..
Big hugs 💙💙
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Seven weeks.

I am thankful that I wrote as much as I could in the first weeks, because I feel that I forgot a lot of details.

I remembered how in his first weeks he would crawl around his box, trying to climb outside. For the first time he would go close to the corner and lift his head as high as he could. Soon his arms would gain strength and he would put his hands against the box walls, still looking outside. Then his legs would gain strength and he would be able to hold on the box edges, getting very close to his goal. But he was too weak to be able to go over the edge. A little while later - and his head would peak outside, he was holding on the edge, looking, but inevitably fall back inside. A few days later - and he jumped outside, hitting his nose on the floor.

Then it was an exploration time. Go under the couch while he was small enough, jump from the couch to the floor... no, not jumping, he would look down, trying to understand how to go down, meowing because he had no idea. Once he climbed down the stretched legs (someone was sitting on the couch and stretched their legs to the floor) on the knee level and leaped from there on the floor, like some kind of a flying squirrel. He nailed the landing nicely, of course.
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Forgot to post photos before reply.

That's him about 9 days old, very small and very nice. He was crawling around the bed because mother-cat brought him there. Well, she dropped him by the door because of bad grip, so I picked him up and put him on the bed, where he crawled around until falling asleep.

On the second photo he was two months old, terrorizing the mother-cat. We had to tuck the towel behind the couch so he wouldn't climb there.

Third and fourth, a week later, he was enjoying the sun. I stood between him and the window and he looked at me. I said his name and he meowed back at me. In some sense his habit of replying to his name was established here.

Fifth one is him sleeping with his mother. He slept so peacefully...
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