I had to have my cat of 16 years put down on December 1 2017 he was like a child to me I have had a very hard time with it I think of him everyday I have him a proper burial and know he was very well taken care of, I find myself thinking he is misrabel because of the cold, the loneliness the darkness and so on I pray he knows I come to him and talk to him daily anyone have any suggestions to help with these thoughts I greatly appreciate any. I miss my lil buddy
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Hi Jerry we all have feelings like your having my little girl was cremated and now I’m wondering if I have killed her spirit as I have not had any signs from her take care and try not to be too hard on yourself and over think things.
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I’m so sorry. Currently I’m going through the process. My Smokey is sick. I’m scared. I’m here if you need me
Smokeys mom
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I too lost my baby 12/8/17 and believe me I know how your feeling, it's as if my heart was ripped out of me... My little angel was ran over by a hit and run driver, it happened right in front of me, the guilt I've been carrying has been overwhelming. But joining this forum I think has saved my life, literally... I know your circumstances are a little different, but Im sure the love we share for our babies are the same... I'm not sure if you're a Christian...  but I am and my faith tells me our little ones are in heaven, and its not cold and dingy and there not alone. There surrounded by love, peace and happiness... I mean the unconditional love, the caring, the trust and the dedication, the happiness the pure innocents and the life long friendship are little fur babies gave us was so pure and clean and real.. with a slate that clean, theres no place to go but Heaven, and knowing that tells me someday we will see are little ones again and that gives me hope. No that thought won't mend your broken heart and I know the pain is devastating as is mine, but we are not alone and everyone here knows are pain because they have been there or are going through it as we are. So keep talking and sharing everything and anything cause theres people here that care. And thats what has helped me alot... your in my prayers.
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They are not really gone, and their spirits cannot be killed. They are always with us, until we are able to be together again. I truly believe this is the case. They feel only warmth, love and happiness now and forever.
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