My cat Taz had to be euthanized the Monday before last Christmas, and I still miss him terribly. When the Doctor tried to put the needle in at first she missed. Then the second try she got it in, an uttered, "There he goes", then as we held and petted him, he passed. Now every time I see an animal being anesthetized on TV for a procedure, I remember that Taz looked like that, but he never woke up. Also, when the utterance of the vet slipps into my mind, it reminds me of Taz's last moments, and my heart just breaks all over again, and I get choked up and tears well up and I just feel lost and depressed. It's so hard, still after all this time. I had to have our two other cats put down within a month of each other about three years ago, and I remember them and miss them, but for some reason I'm really having a hard time letting Taz go. I cry a lot, and really miss him. He was a great friend, almost my best friend. I have crippling depression and anxiety, and he often made me feel better just by being there. Now I have no one until my husband gets home in the late afternoon. We can't afford to get or care for another cat properly right now, and that's hard for me to bear, because I have nobody to care for. My husband hurts, too, but he doesn't want to talk about it. What's going on with me? I don't understand why I still hurt so much.
Beth Sholtz
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In the big picture of grief December isn't really that long ago. I lost my sister in November and still grieve for her. I lost my William in May.
With a medical history such as yours you may need to talk to someone about your grief.
Anxiety is a part of grief.
You lost your best fiend. I lost mine too. Life is so different and very sad when there aren't four paws looking for you or following you or needed you to care for them. It's a big life change.
I'm sorry for your loss of Taz. We all take our own time to grieve. You can't rush it. But you have to acknowledge it and push through it.
The vets words see a little unprofessional and my nature would be to call and tell that vet how inappropriate and haunting those words have been for you. Makes sure she doesn't do it to someone else.
Again I'm sorry for your loss
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