Hi my sweet baby boy I know its been a little over a year since you've been gone, but some how the pain is still there. So many times I wish to see you one more time , but I know I can't. I try so hard not to be sad but sometimes I get overwhelmed with sadness of losing you. When you left this world you truly took a piece of my heart with you. I love you my baby Milo, someday I know I'll see you again till then millions hugs and kisses from mama.
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Sorry about your loss, feel better
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While the pain and heartache still continues even after a year, it is so nice to hear that your love for Milo hasn't diminished, Milo's love still surrounds you today, he will never forget the wonderful life the two of you shared., the bond you have with Milo will never be broken.

Sending peace and healing to your heart.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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I feel your pain so much. I said it often and I will say it again: losing friends like our pets is a grief like no other. The pain it makes us feel is horrible at best.

As I read your post, I tried to imagine myself when I'll pass the one year mark. What you wrote is how I will feel, I'm sure.

Continue to cherish little Milo's memory. Like Don, I think it's wonderful that your love for Milo has not diminished at all.

My thoughts are with you,

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I lost my westie Rylie, the love of my life 15 months ago and it still seems like yesterday. I miss him so bad and still cry for him. Having to accept that I had to accept his loss has been the most difficult.
It had never crossed my mind how imporant his favorite animal toys,blanket and pillow would mean to me one day bringing such an enormous amount of comfort.
Their life ends but not their love. I believe we will be with them only makes sense.

Love is a four legged word,

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