It's been six weeks and 1day and I still miss my girl so much, at the end of this month she would have been 12 it's getting easier to remember the good times, but certain things I just miss so much I miss her, I went to the humane society to look at dogs but kept finding myself looking for one that looked like my Roxie, wondering if they would be like Rox, I always knew how much I loved her just never knew it would be this to move on. Miss you my baby girl.
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It takes such a long time to heal!  The missing is deep and the space is too quiet. Nothing seems right for quite a while.

I'm glad good memories are coming these days, but I'm so sorry for all your pain. 

As for a new baby, your heart will know when it's time and which is the one. Hugs to you!
-Missing Marissa deeply
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I'm sorry for your pain! Six weeks is not very long when it comes to processing a terrible loss. I lost 2 little dogs who were my world and I still haven't gotten another dog. I know my heart needs to be in the right place to give my love to another different dog. In time I will get there and you will too but you will always have beloved Roxie by your side and in your heart. Hugs to you!
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I'm sorry for your loss.  I lost my Timmer going on four months now. It's hard to believe.  I have one of the most lovely photos of him that I ever took as my screen saver, and it's nearly life-sized.  In fact, I think it is.  Every morning I sit and talk to it and touch the screen, remembering how soft his fur was.  Grief is just this up and down thing.  Most days I'm OK but I still cry.
Like you, I look at the shelter's website at the cats and find I am looking for ones with his features.  But that is happening less and less too.  I have kept a journal since his passing and I write down all the things I loved, funny things he did, the way he played, the things he loved and the way we loved together.  They are their own unique personalities, just like people.  So that makes me hesitate to get another right now because it will be a different personality.  And I have another cat.  She's not as affectionate as Timmer but I want her to have a peaceful life now because he was aggressive towards her.  
As the others have said, six weeks is not long for grieving.  I saw a therapist at 6 weeks and she assured me that what I felt was perfectly normal at 6 weeks.  

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Dear 3266 - I am sorry for your loss of your beloved and precious Roxie. She is a pretty girl. I lost my sweet boy Brutus going on 8 weeks and I have to say it is not getting any easier. I know that it takes time and the first couple of months will be the hardest, but we must just keep moving forward as best we can and hold on to all the comfort and joy Roxie and Brutus brought into our lives. They would not want to see us in such pain on their account. I still have Brutus' food and water bowls in the kitchen and I fill the water bowl after it all evaporates. In my mind I see that as keeping a candle lit in the window, a place keeper to say "yes he is still here." I have not even considered looking for another dog. In time, maybe, but right now I do not miss having a dog--I miss my Brutus. Getting another fur-baby, like grief, is a personal thing and each situation will be different. Give yourself the time you need and Roxie will guide you to another fur-baby if and when the right time comes along. 

I just love the name "Roxie." The was my daddy's nickname (his name was Orazio but he was known as Russell) and I lost him 24 years ago. All the males and females in my family, it seems, have the name Roxie, or Roxanne, or some other variation in their names to honor my father.

Again, I am sorry for your tremendous loss and I wish you sweet comfort and blessed hugs.
Denise (Brutus' Mom)
Brutus von Dolce
06/19/2006 - 03/16/2018
RIP my sweet beautiful boy
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