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Dear Frank,

All of your words regarding your beloved "Brady" are meaningful. This especially resonated with me below. And brought tears to my eyes which are streaming down my face as I wrote this:

"Even though he couldn't pick his head up, he still mustered up the strength to wag his tail for me. still wagged his tail for me."

How can it be that our beloved's can be so brave in the face of such adversity?

Especially when they are enduring a potentially terminal illness?

How can they be so loving, kind, and true? and express such devotion and loyalty to us, even toward the very end of their lives?

To me our pets are the superior species, as their love, devotion, loyalty & companionship can be so unconditional and pure. 

All they want is for us humans to know that they love and appreciate us. Without question.

I pray for you and yours to continue to heal. Thank you for sharing some of your and your boy's story with us.

And thank you for taking in the golden pup. : )  You are making a difference in yet another dog's life, and all pups should be so fortunate and blessed.

My sincerest condolences & kindest regards,
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Frank- thank you for sharing this story.  I know exactly what you mean about your family not being whole. Ours isn't either. Our Minnie was only with us for (almost) 9 short years, and all my dogs in the past have all lived to be at least 14. I was just so secure and comfortable in the fact that Minnie would too. But she didn't. She was bleeding from the nose and mouth too, and I feel that if she hadn't passed on her own, I would've had to make that most difficult decision like you did. Of course I would have done what I needed to do to end her suffering, but I was spared that part. Doesn't make losing her any easier, but I can only imagine the pain you must have felt, and so many others. I have one dog left, and he is almost 16. His health is failing naturally, and I dont know what the future holds. But for now, he's enjoying his life and we are enjoying him. I never thought he would live longer than Minnie.  I want to keep him as long as I can, but due to his age, I feel that letting go might be easier than it has been with Minnie. I just hope I don't have to make the dreaded decision, but we do what we have to do.  Again, I'm so sorry for your loss and the wound in your soul. The worst feeling in the world. Prayers for you....
Linda L.
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James...what a wonderful statement that our pets are the ''superior species'' they most certainly are as they love you unconditionally.

Ellen Hague
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Thank you Ellen. I lived that statement.

As I've written here on the forum, when all humans had betrayed and abandoned me, including my family, friends, business collegues, neighbors etc. and I was on the verge of giving up and killing myself on an hourly basis, a little feral / stray orange and white Tabby cat and I crossed paths. And he saved my life many times over the next 4 and 1/2 years.

As you may have read, we became fast friends and I named him "Marmalade." He taught me so much about life. He was noble, brave, courageous, trusting, loyal, kind, patient, sweet, funny, and unique. He had more virtue in his little body than all humans that I knew combined. He stuck by me. Never wronged me. Never judged me. Never abandoned me. Even when we were homeless and on the road for 3 1/2 months and living temporarily in 8 different places, he never ran away. Even when we were starving he stayed at my side. Our bond was on a spiritual level. He was my "spirit animal."

What does all of our vast technological abilities mean really, when we humans continue to argue, fight, and disrespect and further destroy our planet with pollution and waste on a daily basis? When we can't trust each other. When so many humans are heartbroken, have been lied to, used, stolen from and/or betrayed and left for dead? And so many of us are lonely? When nations are on the verge of war? 

Our pets give us pure, unconditional love on an ongoing basis. And in my eyes now, that is more important than any technology we as humans have developed. We are truly blessed to ever have a pet in our life in my opinion. I am so grateful for the relationship I had with my buddy.

All best,
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This morning I found it hard without Monty...the car I brought was when I had just rescued Monty and bringing him home I told him that he would be loved and want for nothing...and the car I took him to be put at rest was the same car (I am not car minded and look after my cars) and getting in the car this morning to go to and do some shopping was all my trips was with Monty in his carrier would be next to me.

On my return I told my daughter and she said do you want to change the car...I said no...and she said good as that is a family car and Monty was and still is part of the family...just that made me feel better.

Another thing is that there is a stray cat that visits my garden and Monty did not like him (typical Monty) but for two years I have fed him three times a day...even setting up a home for him outside...but he was not interested.

It is very warm here in the south east of England at the moment and I opened up my French doors around 6.30am this morning...I went into my daughters bedroom and gave her her breakfast while she was getting ready for work...I came back into the living room and sitting in the middle of the room was the stray cat who we call Bubbee.. we think he has now noticed that our boy is no longer doing his patrol...I gently laid the food down for him and two packs of food later he lipped his lips and set of up the garden.

He has not been neutered and upon contacting the PDSA  said that if he gains our trust which could be months and months...we could try and get him into a carrier and they would do the operation and injections and health checks for free. I told them that I would always feed him no matter what and try to give him shelter if the weather becomes to bad.

We also have a house rabbit called Bertie fully littered trained who is the dearest of boys and because he has so much contact with us he is a joy...but took losing Monty badly for a week...he knew his brother had gone.

There...I feel much better now and this forum is a god send...and your enjoyable post James and others on here.

Take care Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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I haven't been on here in a little while. I get emotional when I read everyone's posts and responses. I wanted to thank everyone here and also say sorry for your losses. I'm feeling a little better everyday but I still have my moments. I still tear up at some point everyday. Alone time is the worse. I miss him so much it kills me. Thank you James, your words always seem to help a little more.
I pray we all find piece.
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