It’s been exactly one week since I had to say goodbye to my best friend. My beagle Scottie. I’ve posted his story here on another post so I won’t go into that much detail. The first few days were pure hell. All I did was cry, I felt physically ill. I still have that pit in my stomach and empty feeling. I’m not as emotional as I was the first few days but now I just feel so depressed. I miss my boy and want him back. I have been money and down since moving from to to Florida. I am sharing a house with my parents ( who have not been the most supportive, they told me a day later that the way I was acting wasn’t normal and I needed to get over it). I think what is making me feel worse is that because I’m sharing a house with my parents and they will not let me get another dog ( I’m 42 and married with a 5 year old and this living arrangement has been such an adjustment. I’m hoping I find a job soon so we can get a place of our own. Scottie was what helped me get through the day here. Even though I was down his wagging tail helped me stay positive. Now that he’s gone I feel so alone. He was so much more then just a dog. And the thought that I may never feel that love of a dog makes me so sad. Our border collie Bella got pneumonia ( Scottie got it as well but recovered after months of antibiotics) from visiting a dog park while we had a showing on our house. The night before we moved she seemed to worsen. We had just taken her to the vet and thought the antibiotics would need a few hours to work. She died the next day before we could even get her to the vet. I feel like did these things happen because we decided to move. I know I can’t change the past and need to stop beating myself up but I can’t help it. I feel like I failed them. iI dropped off his leftover food at the animal shelter today. I am thinking of volunteering to walk and play with the dogs. Maybe I’m a few weeks as I don’t think I’m ready now. This forum has helped me and it helps to just write what I’m feeling because no one around me gets what I’m going through.

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Ohh I'm so sorry. The pain you feel is because you loved Scottie so much. It took me weeks to realize that the love is so worth the pain. When we become fur-baby parents, we don't think about the end, we baste in the love. And then when they have to leave us the pain is unbearable.
It's been 8 weeks since I lost my Boo and I still cry a little every day. But I am starting to smile sometimes when I remember his funny little self.
You will get better but don't think you have to rush it. Take your time grieving and keeping writing here.
This forum is amazing. The people here really do know what you are going through and more important, we care.
Boo' s mommy
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I'm sorry about your loss of Scottie.  We love our fur babies so much, that when they say good bye, the pain, the emptiness, the hollow in our hearts feel intolerable.
For me, my fur babies are my children -do not have human babies-, they become a very essential part of my life.  I know and understand your pain, as I have lost a very special male-doggie, his name, Sol.  Sol was my "light", when he said good bye, my world turned into darkness.  The pain was excruciating, I felt "numb".  I searched for emotional support and found a forum.  The first story read, "it has been a year since, I lost my.....", and I thought, A Year?  How would I manage? 

Grief is a very tough journey,..…….but, little, by little, with time...our hearts heal.  

Volunteering in a Animal Shelter will help, but, only when you are ready.  Hugs
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Hi Melissa it’s been a while since I logged in and I wanted to say please don’t let anyone tell you that you are acting abnormal. Grief over a loss, no matter who or what even divorce jobs etc is a process that can take years and it’s up to you how and when you will be able to move on and be able to not be sad. My precious Chloe left feb 28 and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her or cry and I have two new puppies which I got to fill the void but it will never replace what I had with Chloe she also
Was my bff and she like your little guy wAS special . I pray you and your son can find a way to be one your own. I went to a grief ceremony for my pup which helped me because I was surrounded by 40 other people who like you and I are animal lovers and that is a bond no one can understand unless they experience it themselves so be at peace in knowing your little pup is always going to be with you and im so sorry for your loss. Blessing
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