It's been just a year since I lost my Jinx after a long battle with kidney failure. I still miss him everyday and my heart aches so bad. I don't know if anything will help me feel better but if anyone can help me at least sort of cope it would be appreciated.
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Since losing my dog Teddy last month, it's still very acutely affecting me.  I think it always will whether it's a year or years from now.  A friend told me that time doesn't heal all wounds but merely allows us to find ways of incorporating grief and loss into who we are and what now is life.  I believe that to be true and know that no matter how my life evolves from here, I will always feel a deep hole in my heart.  I think it must be like feeling the loss of a person very close.  We go on but always feel that sense of loss and emptiness.  I do very much understand the heart ache you describe and though you are still hurting, I also believe just living each day as it comes helps with our progress.  Time helps, it just doesn't erase.  You and Jinx were very blessed to have one another.  I hope you find comfort knowing that all of us here care and understand.
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We lost our little Stripey about 4.5 years ago and at the time it hurt so much and we couldn't make any sense of it. A while later we adopted a new kitten called Kumiko (which means companion) in order to provide company for Stripey's brother, Patches. That little kitten passed away last week but in her short life she taught us so much and brought so much joy to all of us.
The only thing that helped us deal with Stripey's passing and we hope will help us to deal with Kumi's passing is to remember the good times - the joy that each of our babies brought into our lives in their own unique ways. We really try not to focus on the fact that our kitties are no longer with us but try only to remember that they were here and we will be eternally grateful for the time we spent with them.
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