After loosing Nico three weeks ago, I still feel teary and sad. He has been ill for so long. I just remember taking care of him. Having him pass during a "joyous" holiday season was especially hard. If I wasn't at work, trying to keep busy, I was at home ignoring my son's dog and barely attending to Harley - my living fur baby. I am trying turn this around. My son had to go. I can't get over his threatening to kill me and my now dead dog. His dog had to go as well. After I lost a dog in 2016, my son said he would get me a dog. I told him not to and that I would choose my own dog. He "surprised" me one day with his dog and I told him to return it. He didn't. To date, the dog is not housetrained and has chewed curtains and a air conditioner plugged up to an outlet. Today is a better day for me: his dog was rehomed and I got a photo book of Nico I ordered on line. I now can look at Nico when he was well and really cute. I am still sad. I wish I could share it with him like I did my McDonald's fries.
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The photo book is a great remembrance. It takes time with grief, everyone is different. Three months coming up on the 14th and I’m still grieving. They say it gets better, you don’t forget them you just go on without them. I didn’t nearly grieve for our first dog than this one. Not sure why?? But 3 months after we lost our first we got Lily. I thought I was ready but still cried, but Lily helped me, I remember her licking the tears off my face. My husband wasn’t ready and it took him a year to accept Lily. I think he went along with it because I wanted another. So I think we will wait longer this time. I’m not ready now and hubby said no more dogs. But I sit here at home and really miss my 24/7 routine with my dog.....
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