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Susan kindness and understanding is the making of this forum, and sadly, empathy. I know this is what Ginny hoped for when she created it.
I am about as literate on tech knowledge as a lizard! I was going to say a toddler but they are brilliant with all of this. My proof is the number of ‘threads” I’ve created. I didn’t know I could keep it all together under one heading😜 and I had soo many things I wanted to say! So I’m glad I could help.
When it’s not lonely it’s cruel. The loss we feel, the pain we’re in is soo minimized by people who have never let an animal enter their heart to this degree. It’s also unlike other losses. They are with us without ever judging or getting mad, lol like my 2 legged brats did! They offer unconditional love that I strongly believe humans are unable to. Because we are very imperfect beings. The companionship is untouchable in value. They are just our perfect loving babies and our grief is epic.
I see some who have found this site prior to their loss and others quickly after. I wish I’d seen this on a billboard. Tankie died Jan 3rd, I came here March 22nd. Thank God🙌🏻 I had tried many things on my own and struggled with all the grief alone. Just slowly dying inside growing angrier by the day.
Nothing will change what happened, I believe the grief is ours to embrace. We love with every beat of our heart, our grief will be no less. I would do it all over again knowing what the end is because my love our bond is stronger than this pain can ever be,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Tankie you wrote, "I would do it all over again knowing what the end is because my love our bond is stronger than this pain can ever be." Such true words!! This pain (journey?!) is awful, but I am so thankful for the 7 years I had with Rookie. I am so glad he chose me. ❤ I remember being in my 20s and losing my childhood dog and thinking there's no way I could experience such unconditional love again.... then 2 years later Rookie entered my life.
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Melissa, Lynn, sad are those who never get to experience the love we shared with our babies. As hard as we love is as hard as we will grieve, and I'm sure none of us would trade that for anything in the world. We were the lucky ones to have them. 
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