I still can't look at mt favorite picture of Winston.  I still haven't listened to any music.  They both are triggers for me to totally lose it.  I want so much to have the picture blown up and framed.  I want to hang it on my living room wall so I can i can look at it always.  I just can't right now.

I know exactly what the picture looks like.  I've looked at a million times, while my Baby was still here with me.  It always brought a huge smile to my face.  But now, if I looked at it, it would kill me.

I am a huge music fan.  I haven't listened to any since 3/2/16.  Every single song, would somehow remind me of my Baby.  I don't know when I will be ready to do either of these things again. My heart is broken.
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I know how you feel Susan.  I used to game every night with Delenn nearby.  I haven't picked up a controller in almost 2 weeks.  It feels so empty and I just don't feel like doing anything.  I miss her so much. 

Prayers to you.
Stephen "Riceman" Myers
"The greatest tribute one can give a loved one is to share their life and stories with others."

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Hi Susan,
I am sorry you are in so much pain! I love music too and it took me a long time to be able to enjoy listening to it again after Bailey died. Our bond was so very strong I didn't think I would survive when Bailey left but it does get a little easier though we will never forget them. It's been 5 months today and there are times now when I can look at his pictures and smile. It's still very fresh for you but in time you will have Winston's picture blown up and framed. You'll know when the time is right but for now it can be something to look forward to. Just know you're not alone. Sending you many positive thoughts for healing and lots of hugs!!

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Sorry you are in so much pain and I can certainly understand that. Give yourself time and you'll be able to post pictures and smile again. I lost my favorite buddy (Sweetie) and it's so hard for me. There is no way I can look at any pictures of him right now.
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The key for me has been repetition for my favorite picture of Hogan. I have a frame that holds his collar and my favorite picture. I keep it on my night stand and light a candle next to it when we go to bed. When we wake up I bring the picture downstairs so he can spend the day with his fur brother. The first few weeks I couldn't look at the picture without breaking down, now I talk to him everyday through my heart and that picture. I promise you will find joy in that picture eventually. My wife made a large canvas portrait out of our family picture and I still breakdown looking at that one.
Hogans Daddy
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Same here for me, looking at the pictures of Mollys beautiful bright eyes, her smile, the look of pure joy in her eyes captured so many times in the moment having fun, make me cry but they also bring me some happiness seeing her so happy. All songs have a different meaning now, most in some way I can relate to my lovely baby and they make me cry too but again I do sometimes feel a tiny bit better afterwards because I'm so full of love for her and I smile at how lucky I am to have felt that love. It is really hard and you do experience the pain over and over again and you can only do it when you're ready Winstonsmom. I haven't started my memory book yet and would to have a day to just focus on preparing it because I'm going to be in bits! Bless them all and bless you too. Xxx
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WinsMom................I have not looked at any pictures of my Boo or Blacky (and it's been years!!)  The pictures are literally about 5 inches from me right now in a drawer on my right, but I can't look.  I keep thinking I would love to get pictures made, you know where the whole picture is black and white except for their eyes.  Blacky's would be brown and Boo, they would be blue.  One day I was cleaning out the drawer and so tempted, I saw the very top of Blacky's head but that was it.  Maybe one day I'll look, but I don't want a picture, I want them!!...................danzey
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Me too.  I have one next to my nightstand that I look at far too often but the rest of them on my computer I wanted to have copies made and some enlarged but I can't even go through them right now.  Brings all the heartache WHAM right back, like opens the wound.
Sue E
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Hi Susan
It is extremely hard for me as well to look at pictures of Sadie. We loved them so. Still can't believe our babies are gone.
Wishing you peace and healing
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