I’m having such difficulty mourning the loss of my sweet angel, Stella. She was a 12 yr old cavalier King Charles spaniel. She was diagnosed with heart disease August of last year. While her heart issues had her going back and forth to the vet, she was always so happy and full of energy. She loved her walks and eating her food. When the vets told me she shouldn’t be going on long walks anymore, I quickly got her a doggy stroller which she insisted on standing in rather than sitting. She loved meeting new people and other dogs. She was the absolute love of my life. After her devastating diagnosis, I knew I had to love on her more than ever- which I did. I also thought, having known she had this terminal illness, I would be able to better handle it when she had to leave me. She left for the rainbow bridge June 27th and my pain today is excruciating. I haven’t been able to get rid of her things, let alone clean up the house. I don’t have family, she was my only family. Any words of wisdom or comfort would help me greatly right now.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet, precious, adorable Stella. The vision of her standing in her stroller made me smile a little. Clearly she was very much loved and well cared for by you. I lost my sweet boy, Jagger, four weeks ago. He and my remaining boy Tiger are my family. Tiger's health is failing. I understand what you've been through and the pain you have now. I hope in time you can find comfort in the good memories of Stella. It can help to post stories, pictures and your feelings here. There are many understanding and compassionate people here.

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Dear Tamara,

I am very saddened to learn of your loss. That is a beautiful photo of your beloved Stella. Thank you for sharing that wonderful image and a bit of her and your story together. I am glad that Stella and your paths in life crossed when they did and that you both loved and adored each other so much.

I had to put my Little Prince down 8 weeks ago this Thursday, his name was "Marmalade". He was an orange and white Tabby that I named after the jelly/jam. He too was my only family. He was my best friend. The light and love of my life and I miss him terribly.

As Jan said, there are so many kind, comforting, loving, compassionate and understanding people here on this forum. Many more than I know in my personal life. They have helped me through these sorrowful times. I know they can help you too. 

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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My sympathy on your sad loss! Stella was a beautiful girl! Please try to take comfort in the fact that you loved Stella and gave her a great life. Mourning is so tough. This is a good place to come and write about Stella because we’ve all experienced loss so we understand how broken your heart is. I’m so sorry!
Hugs to you!
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Dear Tamirae,

I'm sorry for your loss of Stella.  What a cute little girl.  It took me over one month to put away my dog's (Parker's) dish, his coat, sweater, harnesses. I couldn't accept losing him. He and his brother, Porter ate side-by-side. Porter seemed to have lost his appetite. He wasn't finishing his meal.  Maybe when they ate there was a little bit of rivalry and competition with their food. It was harmless, but I think he was expecting that rivalry and he couldn't finish eating.  I realized that maybe he was waiting for his brother to come and eat and was confused, maybe he was grieving, too. I finally removed his brother's place mat and bowl and Porter began to eat all of his food. 

I put away Parker's coat, sweater, and harnesses. His ashes are still in a box in a cabinet that I haven't opened since before he passed away.  I have a hard time looking at his pictures and watching videos. Save every picture and video even if you can't view them yet. One day you will be ready.  I'm not there yet, but I know one day I will be.  It will take time for you for your loss. This forum is a comforting place to be. Everyone here understands.  Again, I am sorry for your loss.

Take care,

Parker's Mom
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