Dear friends,

         Does anyone know of a black and white dog who passed in the Green Bay, WI area -- looks similar to a border collie?   Three times in the past 3 days I have seen him running -- happily & playfully -- on Saturday and Sunday, he was in neighbors' backyards and this morning, running down the street.  I only see him for a moment and he is gone.  I felt right away when I saw him on Saturday that it was the energy of a dog who has passed

                  God's peace   -Schnauz's Mom 
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Wow..thats nice..I wish it was my Kayla's spirit running happy and carefree...

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I hope you don't mind, but this thread is a good place for me to upload a picture of a painting of a Collie watching over a lamb.  I wanted a fellow member to see it, as I told her about it. 

I couldn't find a more suitable place than this thread.  I sure hope you don't mind.


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