I want to post on behalf of anyone who has had to make this choice, of giving their beloveds up, or back. It is quite a loss, but I find it awful to assume anyone who did this was completely heartless or cruel. Some people do it with out care this is true and it is a terrible thing. However many, like in my situation, had no choice. The shelters are scary, dark, frightening, awful. I remember walking through for the first time and it was hard for me not to walk back out. When I adopted our first lady they tried to match us up with, I was thrilled, I loved having her company, she followed me everywhere. But our kitty who I have had since she was 7 months was chased by our new lady, but not playful, pull pointing and hunting intentions and tried to really get at her. I had to weigh this and we had to bring her back with a heavy heart. It would not be fair to our kitty who we've had forever. She was young and exuberant and they swore to me she'd find a home quick. They insisted I keep trying to find another. I was matched up with a lab who they said would be perfect for my living situation that I explained thoroughly. He was great for awhile, but started to show red flags of possible aggression and it was terribly risky as we have a 7 month old baby girl. His energy was too high, it was beyond what was explained. He was antsy and nothing about it was fair to him. So yes, with a heavy heart we had to bring him back too. We spent quite awhile trying to make it work, and help. But it did not, and he deserved a family more suitable for him more than likely with out children. But in the end, I loved both of them dearly, I cried, I shook, I trembled as I left. I had to be pulled out by my husband among the crying having trouble leaving. But it was the safer option to my baby girl and kitty. And gave them both a chance to find homes in the end that would be better for them both. I took none of this lightly, and I am sure neither has anyone in this situation. It is a loss, it is one filled with sadness and grief. But I swear there is still love there by doing the best thing instead of keeping them in an unfair place. I hope this helped someone or helped someone understand that is is a loss all the same that is not taken lightly. <3 
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