A part of me was taken away yesterday evening when my wife came home frantic telling me that one of the young cats we had been feeding had been run over. She was lying in the street in front of the house. She and her brother were "brought" to us by their mother who was a stray we had started feeding a little over a year ago. The two were born around May of last year. Brother and sister were always together and though they were almost a year old, they would visit in the morning and evening for a handout, but never strayed far. The male has gotten friendly, but not domesticated. His sister remained aloof, but would meow and wait to be fed. I feel so sad because even though I had not bonded with the cat in the traditional sense, I will miss her since I watched her and her brother grow. Unfortunately, I already have cats and a dog, so taking in more pets is impossible. I will continue to look after her brother. I feel so sad for him wondering how he will feel once he realizes his sister is gone. I buried her behind the grassy bush in my backyard where they used to hide and play. The real irony here is that when I watched her in the distance that final morning, I wondered what I would do if she had kittens and brought them with her. Even more ironic is the fact that I had just spoken to a guy in the grocery store about how expensive it gets to feed strays. He, like me, had been feeding a bunch of cats since no one would take them in and the shelter here does not want them. I'm tearing up now dreading when morning comes and she won't be there. I did all I could.
I never gave her a name so this is in her memory. Farewell little angel.

Little Angel.jpg  is
Rodney Lee
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Hi Rodney,   I`m so sorry - even though she was a little stray its so obvious reading your post that you had developed quite a bond with her and her brother.   You have been so good to make sure they had regular food - I have fed many a stray cat over the years, and it is possible to get close to them.     Maybe her brother will want to form a closer bond with you now he is on his own, but in all probability he will carry on living a semi feral life.   Its sad that the shelters don`t take them in - here in the UK, our local shelter will catch strays and spay them to prevent kittens, but release them again afterwards unless they show a tendency to want to become domesticated.    Once again, I`m sorry, but thank you for taking care of these beautiful little cats - they really do need all the help they can get. 

J Taylor
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Hi Rodney, I am sorry for the loss of the sweet Kitty you were feeding. And yes, I am sure the next few weeks will be the very hardest not seeing the baby kitty you used to take care of. And yes, you did well you were feeding this precious baby and giving her the food she needs to stay alive, that is alot for you to do. And now you will continue to look after her brother and I am sure her brother will be saddened, wondering where his sister went.

You are doing alot now by feeding the brother and did your all with feeding his sister, and yes, it is sad when these animals are taken away from life, yet they go onto a new journey in the heavens at the Rainbow Bridge, a warm, painfree place to run free and play.

My heart goes out to you...


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That is heartbreaking.  I'm so sorry.  That sweet kitty looks like my Lupita. 
You feel what you feel -- even if you didn't have that cat in the traditional sense, you cared about it.  God bless you for that. 
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Hi Rodney,

What a sweet looking kitty.  I'm sorry she is gone.  I'm glad you will continue to look after her brother.  I think he will feel so lost without her.  Thank you for caring for the kitties.  All of the shelters here are full and we have a huge feral and stray cat problem all around.  I do what I can.  I was feeding one for almost two years when she just disappeared and never came back.  She had a notched ear so I know at some point someone caught her and had her fixed.  She trusted me.  Not knowing what happened to her still hurts.  I want to believe someone finally made her their pet.  I'm very sorry for your loss.

Marina ~ Mitookie's Mom
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Hi Rodney,
What a blessed cat she was, to be so loved and now so missed. She had such a wonderful though short life it sounds. Outdoor adventures, the comfort of food, and although she was aloof, she had her people. It breaks my heart to imagine what it will feel like to see her brother without her- but he will be okay. I️ think animals do understand death to an extent and mourn. But he will live, and thrive thanks to your selfless treatment.
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