HI there my friends.  It has almost been 2 years since I lost my baby girl now and I thought I would post you some tribute ideas.  I have had some wonderful friends that have 'been there' for me through my heartache on this wonderful site and some friends nearer to home.  Here are some of the things that I shall treasure that I have acquired these last two years.  I thought it may give you some idea of what you can do...

This is where my Gemsie is right now.  Her jar of choccy buttons are behind the piccy frame.  She used to ask me for them seven o'clock on the dot every evening.  I talk to her picture everyday


Sorry this isn't related to this topic but this is the orb I caught on camera... I think it was Gemsie?

My friend Tracey sent me this Christmas card...I get it out every Christmas. You could get your fur baby embroidered

My lovely friend Susan got a star named after Gemsie which is is precious and also sent me some beautiful earrings in a heart shape with Gemma's Birthstones. I wear them for Gemma's anniversarys..thank you my darling friend xxx

You could aways write to a local magazine about your life with your furbaby
Another friend put this in the local Dogs Today Magazine in Gemsie Memory

You could always make a christmas ornament (this was from a dear friend in Ireland)

Or get an ornament made.  Here is Gemma with my other three furbabies......altogether <3

If you are interested in getting your baby immortalised visit this website....
Samantha does portraits too

Make up a poem...

Or plant a rose/plant and paint a stone...

Buy a piece of jewellery with your beloveds name on

Another friend got this key ring made

There are lots of things you can do my friends to immortalise your fur babies.

If you would like one of these done for your babies I can make you one.  Just send a lovely picture of your Bridge Baby to me on gemsie10@aol.com

Love to you all x 

Love Julie x
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Julie you have the biggest heart in all the world.

I Love You My Very Dear Friend - Always.

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So much love Julie!! 

Bless you for being you!! 

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Oh and bless you susan and Sparrow xxxx

Sparrow I didn't mention about a tattoo..thats a lovely idea too.  When shall you be getting yours done?
The tombstone that jphovercraft had made for his beloved Miles was lovely too. There is so much you can do x
Love Julie x
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For my cat, I bought some clay and pressed his paw prints into it and I painted his name across the top.
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Dearest Julie,

You have put together some beautiful keepsakes of your life together with Gemma. She was/is a very much loved baby girl. Thank you for sharing them with us.

I think about you often. You and Gemma have become a part of my heart. Our little girls were both born in 1998 and they both went to Rainbow Bridge in 2011. These two years are stamped deeply into our hearts.

Love Always,

Tinkle's Mummy

Tinkle's photo is in the avatar

Please visit Tinkle at:

For all the joy you've given me,
For the glory days gone by,
My best and final gift, my baby,
I give you wings to fly.
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Besides the mini shrine of pictures that I've put up all throughout the house... here are a few things I've done to honor my precious Ralph.

I am also planning to get a tattoo... just have to figure out what I want.


Heather Johnson
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