I’ve had my sweet girl, Dodger, for 14 years. I rescued her from the humane society when I was 16, and she was merely a bouncy pup.

Last year we had a benign tumor removed, and all of her bloodwork came back clean and in “excellent condition “ for her age.

About two months ago, she started limping, but only limped for two days before she seemed back to her old self. I did not think anything of it as she has always been an active dog, and sometimes her severe arthritis gets the best of her.

Shortly after the limping episode, she developed a small lump on her distal radius. I figured it was a swollen tendon and kept an eye on it. After about 2 weeks it seems the tumor had grown so I decided to take her in.

I’m new to this area I am in, but immediately was impressed with my vet. He took cell samples, and within 3 days I had the results.

Soft tissue sarcoma.

Now, I wasn’t expecting this diagnosis but I can’t say I was surprised. I guess in my heart I kind of knew, but tried to convince myself it was a swollen tendon from over doing fetch, or hiking.

My vet and I discussed options for tumor removal, healing time, and what would happen if I opted out of surgery. Because of the area, there is no guarantee they can get 100% of the tumor, so it may come back.

Dodger being 14 golden years old, surgery worried me. Who would I be buying time for? Would my sugar face dog really be happy, recovering from surgery? It’s almost the Bass spawn, and dodger loves to be on the water. Would it be fair to take that from her for a surgery that may or may not be productive?

I asked myself several of these questions. Often repeatedly over and over and over.

Racking my brain trying to make the right decision.

I thought I had made my choice, when two more lumps cropped up on her. One under her jaw (still quite small but it’s there) and one on her neck.

I’m not a veterinarian, or any form of lab tech but this leads me to believe the cancer has metastasized. There’s no way of staging it without removal surgery.

I’m asking if anyone on here has experience with STS, and what I should expect, if anything, opting out of surgery. She is not in pain, she has meds for her arthritis.

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