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Hi Michelle

Remus is jet black in fact you cannot even see his face...he has had some gastro problem as he was rescued and not in great shape. Took him to the vets and his had antibiotics and Vetpro and penicillin and has to be on a chicken and rice diet...other than that he is a live wire and me and Scarlett are not getting a moments peace...a bit different to Monty who was like an old gentleman and preferred peace and quiet...but at night he is excellent and sleeps with me all night until I get up.
Tell me about guilt Michelle I feel so guilty and I feel like I have betrayed Monty...but like others have said there is room in your heart for another kitty and this little fellow needs looking after and I still miss Monty every moment of the day.
Bobby is good with him and Bobby now lets me play with him in the garden with toys but he will still not let me touch him...but as long I he is well fed he is happy...I just do not get how people have animals and then just discard them.
I bet your new boy is a joy to have...he seems very amenable and nice natured who could not ask for more 
It was 98 degrees here in South East England yesterday (much cooler today) and Bertie Bobby and Remus found it hard going and we were trying to keep them cooled down as best as possible...luckily we only get the odd day of that type of heat.

Well take care Michelle and enjoy your boy.

Love and Hugs 

Ellen xx

I have now a beautiful pendant with little paws on that I have put some of Monty's ashes in and I wear it all the time...I feel as though he is with me wherever I go.
Ellen Hague
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Hello Jeanne,

I'm so sorry you lost both Maggie and Smokey so close together.  It is devastating.  Isn't it bizarre that it seems that two months is so common for other kitties to come into our lives?  I've read so much about that!  I'm sooooo glad that those 2 came to live with it was meant to be.  And how they fit right into your home is just amazing!  You're right, this is my new boy's turn at a new life.  He needs love and protection and a full belly.  In fact, he's talking to me right now......time for snuggles...he just jumped onto my lap!!!!!

Take care, Jeanne
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Hallo Ellen!!

Remus sounds just like my black beauty Ruby!!!!!  I'm sorry that the poor little boy is having gastro problems.  Is that something he will have for the rest of his life, or will the penicillin help him?  Ohhhhhh he doesn't know what a good life he's going to have!!!!!  I'm very happy for you and Scarlett!!!

I just finished brushing this boy.  He LOVES being brushed and even holds onto the brush with his's like he's in love with it!  In fact, he just loves to hug period!  He hugs my neck or my arm or my finger...he just needs to touch me at all times when he's near me.  It feels lovely.  He's healing my heart a little at a time.  I will love my Ruby for the rest of my life....and I miss her soooooooo much, I still have a good cry.  This big boy through his hugs and his purrs tells me it's okay, he's here now to help me feel better.  There are still pangs of guilt for sure, but Ruby knows I would never hurt her.  I just have to take care of this boy now because all creatures need love and kindness and protection.  They deserve it for being so magnificent!!!!

Love to you!

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