Hello everyone.  I send all of you my love and prayers.  I made the mistake of watching Marley and Me and completely fell apart at the end.  It brought back so many memories of those 2 days when my Ying and Yang left me.  Ying has been gone 25 months this week and Yang...19 months yesterday.  It's funny how you can be fine for so long and then completely lose it at the drop of a hat.  I thank you all, my friends, for your continued love and support which has helped me more than you can every know.  Deb (Ying and Yang's Mom)

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Dear Deb - these feelings pop put of that part of our hearts that is still so broken - that's the answer I got from a dear lady on Dogster and she's right, there will always be a piece of our hearts that is so badly broken that only holding our beloved babies again will mend it ... until that day comes, we will just have to ride these waves of grief as best we can and hold on to each other and to the memories and love of our little ones ... Ying & Yang are watching over you, walking with you in spirit and eternally connected to you by the strongest of bonds - unconditional love.  Sending you hugs and prayers for continued healing.
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Hey Deb ...
I know how some things just knock you for a loop and bring everything back so fresh ....
I was at my sisters a yr. ago when an ad came on for Marley and Me saying it was coming on satellite and I was all excited and she and my BIL both yelled, can't watch it.   I had no idea ... the previews just looked so cute ... they knew I could not handle it and I've accepted their advice and have not watched it.  Just like the book, Rescueing Sprite, it was bought for me and I have never opened it up because someone told me I couldn't handle it.
Your precious babies are watching over you and we all know one day we will be re-united.   Until then, we just relish our precious memories and pictures.
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Deb I am so sorry you are feeling  the loss of Ying and Yang so deeply right now. These sweet souls who shared so much of our life are never far from out thoughts. Watching a sad can bring the sad feelings back to the surface and I am so sorry you felt so sad after seeing Marley.There are many triggers for me that still cause me to feel my loss of Chucky so deeply that I still avoid certain things. Your sweet babies do not ever want you to feel the pain of their absence. They only want you to be happy and remember the love you shared. I keep you in my prayers that your memories do bring you smiles.
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We all understand how a meltdown can hit so hard out of the blue, just blind-siding you and taking you down for the count.  If it helps at all, I can tell you it has happened to me too.  I'm so sorry to hear that it's happened to you now.  But one thing we know is that we're always here for each other, and we always have a place to which we can turn in this kind of emergency. 

Yin and Yang are right there with you, but nothing can make them seems far away quite like a story as touching as Marley & Me.  I hope you will feel them close again soon ~ closer and closer with each passing day.

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