It’s hitting me tonight that my Tux (died a week ago) is gone. I miss him. I want him back. I blame myself for taking him what turned into a needless and fatal procedure. Though it was the vets negligence. If I had kept on top of his grooming he never would have needed a medical shave (what killed him). He had congenital heart disease which we didn’t know and the vet apparently should have checked for being he was so old before sedating him. God help me: I love you tux.
I Love Sugar
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Dear Sugarsmom, It's easy to get behind on things like grooming. Sometimes my Sampson looked like a shaggy sheepdog. It sounds like you were trying to make sure that Tux got shaved and were willing to pay a lot for it to save him discomfort. You did that because you loved him. Feeling guilt is unfortunately a part of this terrible thing called grieving. We examine everything to see what we did wrong. In this case, you've said the vet was negligent. That is where the blame lies. You can't blame yourself. You were just trying to help your beloved Tux. My deepest condolences on your sad loss!
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It hurts when we get hit with that reality of them being gone even when it hits it still kinda doesn't sink in , please don't feel guilty it will dtive you crazy you did what you felt was right for your Tux and it was the vet that should of been on the ball with testing your Tux before doing any type of treatment on any animals .
Guilt is part of the grief package , i to had guilt still do at times but I tried my best my hardest and I'm sure you did too , I'm sure you loved your Tux deeply like I do my macky , sometimes we can't always get it right but we try our best and that is what matters the most .
I'm so sorry your going though this please post and chat on here , everyone understands .
Hugs to you
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