Even though I have been telling myself I can't adopt a new pet until at least this coming October, (Travel plans would make it too hard on a new family member) I can't help looking at available animals online.

I found a search tool where you can put in various search criteria and they send you results by email.

I was shocked at the sheer number of cats, especially somewhat older, mature cats who have lost their parent(s). I only got results for "Domestic Shorthair Female Cats, "Manx" and in the San Francisco Bay Area there are hundreds in shelters that need homes, not included were all the boy cats, long haired cates of either sex and of course dogs.

I know there are many reasons for animals to end up in shelters, including the recent fires in Napa, Sonoma counties where many were separated from their owners, but even so...

I should probably stop torturing myself for now, and work through the sadness of losing my own sweet girl, I am powerless to solve such a widespread problem all by myself.

I made a generous donation to the local SPCA in Bertie's honor, though. They do a remarkable service.

I am thinking ahead, though to October when we'll be home from our various adventures...will it be a new kitty, or maybe a dog this time, or both?

Now that would really complicate travel plans.

Hope everyone is having a better day than yesterday. It's all we can hope for sometimes.
Bertie's Daddy
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It IS horrifying how many there are. I’ve looked at available puppies to see how I feel about it, especially since my boy dog seems kind of lonely. Many of these ads are clearly from mass breeders and you can see that health is not a top priority. I look at the pictures of these little ones and I wonder how many of them will end up in a shelter because someone tired of them, or because they have issues from poor breeding. It breaks my heart.

I am glad to see though you’re considering adopting a pet or two when the time is right. These guys certainly don’t ask to come into the world, and now that they’re here, the least we can do is to ensure they feel some love and care. To hold that back because of our own fears seems hardly fair to them, being that they need someone, anyone, with a home and a warm heart.

Myself, ... well, I’m still in the “fear” mode. But you seem like a decent guy, I think any furry guy or gal would be lucky to have you, and you deserve to feel this kind of love again.

BTW, I don’t know how I knew you were from California, but I suspected it from one of your first posts. 😉 Just a feeling I had...
—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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i think if the time is right, defintely adopt!! 2.7 million, yes 2.7 million per YEAR(( Every Year))))that are euthaninized that is alot of dogs/cats to have their life ended because they were failed by humans! That is equals 7,500 animals PER DAY, EVERY DAY!!

I am sorry for the loss of your Bertie, as your angel will never be replaced, yet your heart will expand to give the love these animals/pets/ babies truly deserve!!!

In time, i can see you will do what is right for you and adopting a new cat/dog or maybe both!!!



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Thanks, Cam. If I am lucky, I'll find another Manx cat, they are like a cat , a rabbit, and a dog, depending on what's going on. That 2.7 million number is galling. So many human failures behind those numbers. 
Bertie's Daddy
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Those numbers just makes me love humans less and love pets more. I was checking as well. I'm so not ready to adopt a new cat, but I was a little curious. This just makes me even more sad. I am thinking maybe offering some time at a shelter close by. Will see. Right now I need to take care of Marley (Junior's brother) I think he is sad and depressive :( He's not eating as much, hiding and sleeping next to were I found Junior. They were close buddies. Marley used to sleep right next to him. He stayed close to him till the end and offered him comfort and warm. I've read about grief for cats and I'm not sure what else to do for him. The person at the food store suggested not to change his food yet, even tho he needs to lose some weight. I'm afraid he might feel lonely during the day. I might leave the tv on for him tomorrow. I took a day off from work on monday to spend some time with him. 

I wish you all a good night. Hugs.
Avy Sparkles
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I am taking a ride over to the SPCA this week. If I can volunteer doing anything, that might be a help. As long as no one finds out about my actual skillset. (computers, networking). My last volunteer job with a conservation group was a pain, it was like the free IT service...I was hoping to be knee deep in a creek somewhere, doing restoration work, not pecking at some old PCs, macs...

...but first I need to sort out the house. my wife is traveling, and I ve been so depressed, just eating, tossing the dishes in the sink, shoes, and dirty clothes all over the place. I have the potential to be a real slob when I am down.
Bertie's Daddy
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