I miss him so much. He was my shadow, my friend, my buddy. I feel that I failed him. He had prostate problems, could not urinate and then stopped eating. Should I have given him more time? He was twelve and still active. He just wouldn’t eat and then stopped doing anything. I sleep terrible now without him. I come home and he’s not there. My heart is so heavy
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet, adorable buddy. It is normal to feel guilty and wonder if we could have/should have done more. But you did the right thing. Since he stopped eating and stopped doing anything I think he was ready to go. I feel animals can reach a part of our hearts that no one else does. And when they are gone it is heartbreaking. It takes time to heal and for the scar to form. But the scar will always be there because you will never forget your friend.

My condolences,
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