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Melissa and Lori, 

I'm sorry it's taken me several days to return here and thank you for your lovely, warm and comforting posts. I dearly appreciate you both very much and your taking the time and thought to write me and to remember Marissa with me. Huge hugs to you both and big heartfelt thanks!

Melissa, thank you. She was just so beautiful, inside and out. As is your beloved Scooter--such a handsome, personable, personality-filled boy!  I know, even with your home now graced by Philbert's presence, that you miss him so much. How these little rascals captured our hearts!  It will for sure be a blast to meet you in time. Truly a lovely thing to look forward to, such meetings and reunions. I hope things are going super well in your life, with this new chapter, your home and your honey and furry Philbert boy! And I hope things at work are going smoothly. I think of you often.  Warmest wishes to you always...

Lori, so lovely to hear from you! I'm so sorry life's been complicated--this certainly makes life harder and I hope things settle down in your world before long. Thank you for your lovely words about Marissa--yes, her fur was extremely soft to touch. I can imagine the kinds of feelings that the possible need to sell your home stirs up where memories of Daisy and your children are concerned. I'm sad to hear you're going through this. I agree on how important it feels to have our little loves' ashes with us. On one level it continues to feel disturbing to have two "boxes" containing earthly remnants of Marissa and Misha. But I was divorced a few years ago and I would have been devastated to have been physically separated from the girl I lost in 2006 when I had to leave our home. So, it's bittersweet, like so much in life.  You mentioned Daisy's little quirks. I think those unique-nesses, to make up a word, are some of the things that pull on our heart strings the hardest, where missing our sweet babies is concerned. The silly things, the endearing things, the things that mad us tilt our heads and chuckle are some of the attributes we miss the very most about them. The things that made them "them." I'm so, so glad you have Luna's dear presence and that she's a wonderful fit for you. Yet, I realize she's a completely separate little presence in your life a new and different one, lovely in her own right. I hope she continues to bring you much, much joy!  Thinking of you and hoping this spring, this whole year, will bring many good things your way. Much hope, comfort and fulfillment, Lori! Hugs and best of wishes to you!

Ankle is coming along, still in brace till next week, but it's far better, thankfully. I have to tackle some very challenging health issues and try to secure the best doctors I can find and get some expert opinions. There is huge anxiety attached to all of this--it is very daunting. Not an emergency, per se, but I'll probably need a team of specialists to help find the best solutions. The right physicians aren't easy to find. I have yet to find anyone who has dealt with one of the problems I have. Praying for wisdom, courage and guidance for the medical stuff...

-Missing Marissa deeply
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