Happy Thanksgiving to All.  I rarely come to the forum of late, but was a regular about 2007-2009.  I lost my kitty, Dusty...1/17/07...and this website and Dusty's residency page helped me tremendously.  On Dusty's 2 year anniversary, I wrote a poem for him about the signs he was sending to me through snowflakes.  This morning, on Thanksgiving, the Philadelphia area (I live just across the river in NJ) were due for snowflakes, and when I awoke, I went outside to let some snowflakes gently hit my face.  Since I lost Dusty, 2 other of my babies also crossed, DJ and Patches...and so...with love drop tears this morning as the snow melted on my cheeks outside...I thanked my dearest babies for dropping by on this special day. 


I post this, to share my forever belief...in "signs" from our babies.  I am thankful for each of them when they were with me, and so thankful I feel their love even now, as my guardian angels.  I hope the same for each person at this blessed website. 


God bless everyone here at the forum today, and always... Happy Thanksgiving. 



"Snowflake Kisses from the Sky"

(Dedicated to Dusty..01/17/09 - 2 year anniversary)


Snowflakes seem to somehow be a sign from you above
sent here to me as kisses, wrapped up with "Dusty Love"...
On special days, they've sprinkled down from you way up on high
...it took my breath away each time, the snow fell from the sky...

The night your ashes got picked up, you "dusted" us with snow
The timing seemed to be a way for you to let us know
that you were there in spirit, as the flakes began to fall
just as we left the vets; then stopped as we got home.

Your one year anniversary, again you stopped on by
with snowflakes falling gently, as kisses from the sky
I went outside and let some flakes, melt sweetly on my face
and felt each flake was somehow sent with your own warm embrace

And then when DJ got so sick, and had to go for tests
and was there all day, for X-rays, as the vet said that was best
When picking him up that night, again, the snow began to fall
I felt your spirit there nearby, with DJ, walking tall.

And DJ since crossed over to the Rainbow there with you,
I cried myself to sleep that night....I was hopeless, down and blue
but the morning after, I awoke to the ground all snowy white
Your spirit told me, "DJ's safe, he made it here all right."

My heart cannot believe at times, the timing of your snow
on special days, the flakes have been your way to let me know
Your spirit's always here with me, on that I can rely....
I'll think of you each time I see a snowflake in the sky...


Karen Michaels...Dusty's mom

Dusty's Rainbow Residency:


"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."
~Author Unknown~
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Happy Thanksgiving Karen, and thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. it was heart warming.  Judy

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Thank you, Karen, for sharing and reminding us all to watch for the signs!  It was beautiful.

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Thank you Karen, for sharing your wonderful poem with us, and snowflake kisses....what a beautiful sentiment. I am genuinely moved to tears.

Some things just stick with us right away, and now I don't think I'll ever experience snowflakes gently falling all around me without thinking of my little lost boy.

Thank you again.

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