My little baby was just 9. In early April he was diagnosed with diabetes. Lost so much weight, so thin. Couldn't get his sugar down. Didn't know he had lung cancer. He was so weak I had to carry him to the vet. He was so sick, and so little. The last picture on my mind is of the vet putting the needle in his arm. And that was it. Forever gone. I can't stop crying. I feel like it's a bad, horrible dream. But it's not and nothing will EVER be the same again.
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I’m sorry for your loss! It was brave to let him go to his rest rather than suffer it out and die. So I think you should give yourself props for that! It’s so tough living without our babies and 9 is still quite young. Please share more about your baby when you feel you can. Hugs to you!
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Dear, hurtinginpa,

I’m so sorry you lost your baby. I lost my boy in April and he was such a special dog. I’ve had many pets (and other dogs) , and it hurts every time. I don’t think I remember crying every time I thought of one after a few weeks but I’m too having a very difficult time getting over losing this one. I feel for you.
I decided to get another dog, but another never takes the place of our special friends who are gone.
I wish you all the best and send a big virtual hug. I’m so sorry for your loss.
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