[12440481_1024739537590184_7237545238196317761_o] The last six weeks of my life has been one very big emotional roller coaster. It really seems like a lifetime ago that I was with my sweet little angel. I miss her so much.I remember back to those first days. Numbness, then panic,when it finally hits you that they are no longer with you and how do you exist in this life without them.Then the overburdening sadness of the constant reminders; favorite toy, blankets,etc., that I would see throughout the day that would steal my breath and bring immediate tears. The bad days would find me wanting to just give up and join her. The good days .. an occasional tear, then guilt for not being sad enough.Today , I still experience to a lesser degree ... all of the above. I really feel for those "first time posters" that are emotionally spent, but desperately trying to find any kind of comfort available. Whoever created this site has done so much in the way of making this whole process much easier. I thank you. Putting all these thoughts to paper has helped me immensely. In time.... I hope to cherish Lady's memory with total joy and be thankful for all the beautiful memories we shared together. But today on week six ... sadness interferes. My prayers are with all of you.
ps... I miss you Lady

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Bret, how very well put -  we lost our 17 year old dog just over 7 weeks ago, and I honestly thought I was going mad. Everything was going on as normal around me, and I felt I was like a zombie - no interest in anyone or anything. I couldn`t even stand to see our neighbours taking their dogs out, just because I didn`t have mine anymore.  Then I found this site, and all at once I realised I wasn`t on my own after all. It really is like being amongst friends - my own family and friends tried their best, but not being animal lovers as such, they didn`t realise the grief we can feel when we lose our little friends.  
 Like you I feel so much for the new `members` of this `club`, but they are certainly on the right forum, the comfort I`ve found on here has been beyond measure. 
      Sending you peace and healing,  Lady was such a beautiful girl. 


J Taylor
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So sorry for your loss. I saw your post on my thread and wanted to say thank you. When I was a kid (5-13 yes old) our family dogso name was Lady and looked very similar to your Lady, only bigger (part collie mix). I know how hard it is losing a close and dear friend, and just know you are not alone. We are all in this together.
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Your lady is gorgeous!
And thank you for your words as you express them.
I lost my little prince, Calum, in the 21st of last month and each day goes partially as you describe above. I'm still quite raw and feel guilty when it's a bit better... Only to
Find myself again in a sad pool of memory that I just can't get away from. I too felt that I just wanted to go with him. It is so hard not to feel that way. All of my life's joy left when he did. I have two dogs and a child with me but his
Leaving us ripped all of that happy feeling away somehow. I hope it does get better. I also
Am so grateful for this website.
I wish you peace as you ease into your process as well. Lady is a beauty:-)
Calum's Mommy Forever <3 
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