As we are going through the 13th anniversary of the tragedy of September 11th 2001, I thought it would be nice to honor a service dog who helped save many lives.

As I did some research, I found a police dog named Sirius that died on that horrible day. 

Although, I did not know this dog, I feel like he deserves a thank you for all that he did.

A little background info: The police officer that handled Sirius got separated from him when the south tower collapsed. His officer made it out but Sirius didn't. He was the only service dog to pass away during the attacks. He only had 4 short years on this earth and yet accomplished so much.

Thank you Sirius for being a furry hero and risking your life so that people may be saved. We can never thank you enough for what you and your handler went through on that day. RIP. We will forever be thankful for the bravery and courage that our troops human and furry have displayed.

Portrait-of-Police-Dog-Sirius.jpg  I found this photo on
Kylea Barton
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What a lovely tribute to Sirius, Kylea.  Our animal friends, both in service and as pets, truly are remarkable.  They give their all for us humans and sometimes do not get the care and love that they deserve.  
Thank you to Sirius and all animals that give their lives in service for us.
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Thank you beautiful Sirius.    RIP. 
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