I had to put my cat, my best friend Frankie, to sleep yesterday.

I went to work this morning as usual, but I found a nice little surprise. We have a white board in the hallway and sometimes people will just draw something on it. I mysteriously saw a lone cat drawn on the board with a peaceful look. No reason why anyone would draw a cat (and no one knew I had put him to sleep the night before), but there it was.

I'd like to think Frankie is letting me know he's okay and he's not in any more pain. =)

Have your pets sent you any messages?

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Sorry for your loss of Frankie but so glad to hear he has already sent you a sign.I just think we have to try to be extra perseptive in the following days,weeks and months after our Losses.I have recieved many signs,not had any for a while.I heard my old Doggy bark on 3 seperate occassions after we lost him in the first 10 days.He had a distress bark which was 2 short sharp Barks,which we both heard.Then I heard him bark 3 times,my guess was he was saying no more distress Mum,I have arrived at the Bridge and I am OK.I also heard him snoring from his old resting place when I was on the PC one morning,his soft grumbling snore that he had. I have had many from my Kitty I lost just over 4 yrs ago.There was an advery on TV with the music of somewhere over the Rainbow,and I was laying across my Bed recieving a massage from my Hubby,and my bedside light frantically flickered on and off,I know that was him.That also happened on his 3 yr marker.Many folk will know that light happenings is a spiritual occurence.And he always sending me Butterflys,I had one in the middle of winter at midnight from my ole Grand Mother lady Kitty.Yes I have been very lucky,and I hope that you will stay tuned in and recieve many many more from your precious Frankie.
I wish you healing and happy memories,
Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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I am so sorry to hear that your sweet Frankie earned his wings.  It's so hard to say goodbye to such a good friend.  At the same time, I am comforted to know that you received a sign from him!  We know when something really is a sign.  You can just feel it in your heart. 

I have had so many dream visits, what I call "Little Ghost Cat visits," and other signs, and I know how good it feels to know they're near by.  I wish I had time to go write about those experiences now, but I don't.  I had all of them saved in my old computer, but recently lost all of my computer files to a totally burnt hard drive.  I will soon be having the files copied from my previous computer, and I hope to share the stories of some of our visits when I can copy and paste them (some of those stories are long, believe me).

Keep talking to angel Frankie as long as you need to.  He knows everything that's in your heart, and he will never be more than a whisper away from you.

I'm sending squillions of virtual hugs your way.

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




In one of the stars, I shall be living.
In one of them, I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~ The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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Thanks for the warm replies. It's comforting to hear about other animals communicating after crossing the bridge. I'll be patiently waiting to hear again from Frankie. I bet my dog Jack is trying to chase him but he's probably found a safe and cozy napping spot. =)
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I too have received many signs, mostly in the form of pictures (kind of hard to explain).  Anyway, at 1st I was wondering why I had not gotten a rainbow or some other natural sign, but then I realized it's Oscar and Oscar is (was) sneaky, so it now made perfect sense.  One example is that I asked for comfort regarding his death and I was in a restaurant where the music seemed really loud.  I decided after debating for a while, that I would ask them to turn it down.  So, when I went up to the counter, there was a picture of a beautiful rainbow that I would not have seen had I not gone up there, and had the worker not been in a different spot from where I originally talked to him.  I think Oscar sent me up there, so I would see the rainbow, especially since I had just asked for a sign.  :)

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Sorry to hear about your baby, Frankie.  I lost my Beavis just yesterday.  Totally unexpected and I am just in shock of the whole thing.  This morning, as I was taking my other kitty to the vet for a scheduled dental procedure, the sunrise was BEAVIS.  THere were some clouds and as the sun was coming up, there was the normal bright line along the horizon and then dark clouds I sat at a stop light and was looking at the sunrise, above the sunrise, in the darkest part of the clouds was a perfect, golden circle...the same color of Beavie's coat.  I know it was him telling me that he had made it to the Rainbow Bridge and that he was ok.  That made me feel better, but of course, it started the tears to flowing again.  I know I have a long road of getting over this ahead of will take a long while.

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I, too, am waiting for a sign from my beloved bichon, Andre', who passed last week.  The next day I went to the library to see if I could find something to help me through my terrible pain, but couldn't find anything in the search.  I decided to go look at grieving for humans and see if by chance I could find anything about pets.  No luck.  I was just about to leave and looked upwards and found a book entitled, "Animals and the Afterlife."  I'm not sure what I believe yet, but there are stories that make you wonder about the communication.
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yes, some of those signs can come about when you least expect them.  Keep your eyes open.....believe me, they will be there and sometimes in just the most inconspicuous ways.  You will see something, or hear something and BAM you realize "taadaa" that was a sign from my baby.  I completely believe that they communicate with us in tiny ways.

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 Sorry for your loss of Frankie. My precious Brandi passed away this past Thursday. We have been hearing her cry all the time since.

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sorry about the loss of frankie.. it is a hard process to go through. i lost my siah 5 weeks ago. siah was a black short hair cat.
talking about sign,  i have lived in my subdivision for 3 years and i hardly see any cats outside my street. 3-4 days after my siah passed away i was letting my other 2 cats out in front yard wondering around and while i was waiting around i noticed a black cat across street in my neighbors front yard next to their front yard bushes. i have never seen that cat before and after that night i have never seen him/her again. believe me that was not dream or imagination..that was real and he/she was there till i went back inside and then he/she was gone. it was so weird..later i thought about it and figured that might be a sign of something. 
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I'm so sorry to hear about Frankie.  It's tough to loose a best friend especially one who gives so freely without many expectations.  My 15 year old "Little Guy" Goobie had to be put to sleep on Feb 10th.  The day after he was gone the clouds cleared and it got warmer.  By that weekend it was in the 80's and Goobie's favorite targets, the lizards, had come out of hiding. He would pace the walls and fences like a cat possessed looking for lizards. The great weather made me just about inconsolable with grief because I knew how much Goobs would've loved the warmth and chasing the lizards.  He and I were both getting to that age when the cold is no fun. During the late fall and early winter I'd tell him that it would get warm again before he knew it.  All I could think about was that he'd been cheated out of enjoying the sun he would've loved. The warm weather was a cruel joke and I hated it.  Then I read your post about signs and my viewpoint changed completely.  Goobie isn't bothered by the cold anymore but I am.  The warmth was his gift to me.  It was a celebration of his passing to a much better place.  It's like he sent me a little taste of what it's like where he is.  The day I realized this was the last day of sun and warmth. I'd gotten the message. Thursday it was cool again and by Friday, raining.

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I am so pleased you are all receiving these little signs. I had to have 2 of my cats put to sleep recently and I have "seen" both of them, heard very quiet purring and smelt my little Rosie - her liver had a tumour and she had a distinctive but not unpleasant odour to her. I also was at a service at my local spiritualist church and the medium said I had a little black girl cat on my lap - my Rosie. She said she was with me all the time. It' s not the same as being able to cuddle their little warm body but it is comforting to know they loved us enough to want to be with us. My William, my little tabby tiger,  came to me in a meditation but he is playing somewhere and running through the long grass - which makes me happy because for the last 18 months of his life he hardly went outside at all. He loved to be outdoors in the sunshine.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and all the others on the forum. Six months ago a neighbor called & told me there was a tiny black kitten in the weeds behind her house. I took over a kennel & some food and there was this tiny black baby with a little tail that had been broken. It curled underneath, and she looked just like a baby spider monkey. So, I named her Monkey.
Monkey was a bit shy, so I put her with a litter of kittens that I had upstairs still nursing their feral mother. (I do TNR and had been asked to rescue a feral mom and 5 newborn kittens). Monkey became comfortable with her new brothers & sisters; however she was still hesitant to come and be loved by me.
I found homes for 4 of the other babies, but I still had Monkey and one of the other little girls. About 4 weeks ago, a lady with No More Homeless pets called and had a lady who wanted two kittens that had been fixed and vaccinated. I was sad to see them go, but I was happy that they would have loving forever homes of their own.
Two days later, Monkey started jumping on the couch with me and snuggling to to get warm. Her eye was watering a lot which seemed unusual. Within a couple of days she had come down with an upper respiratory and became lethargic. I rushed her to a new vet as it was a weekend. He tested her for Felv & suggested euthanising her. There was no way I was going to do that without trying to help her as I knew some cats overcame felv and lived long, happy lives. So, he put her on some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and sent us home. A few days later she was better but still not eating. The only thing she would eat was warmed-up baby food turkey off my finger.
I was so worried about dehydration that I took her in again to get fluids for the next weekend should I need them. This vet gave her more antibiotics and said we could test her felv again in a month.
Monkey began to get back her appetite, and she started walking over and crawling in my lap to have her tummy rubbed. We bonded so much over those two weeks. It was horrible to have to separate her from her friends, but I tried to spend as much time with her as I could, and she needed to rest and get her strength back.
Her upper respiratory seemed to improve, then I noticed her eye changing color. I read on the internet as to what this might be, and it was a possible symptom of her Felv. The vet gave me more medication, but he took one look at her and said that she wasn't going to get better. He said she was very small for a kitty her age, and that once it got into her eyes like that that she would more than likely go downhill very quickly.
I took her home and spent as much quality time with her that night-reassuring her and telling her that her mommy loved her and had tried so hard to save her. She snuggled with me and looked into my eyes and did one of her little silent meows that let me know she understood.
The hardest thing for me was thinking that her last emotion would be fear at the vet's office. They were great, though. They gave her a sedative and brought her to me where I wrapped her in her blanky and caressed her and whispered to her. We then went in with the vet who assured me I was doing what was best for my angel, and I held her in my arms as her little soul went to Heaven.
I buried her Saturday when the sun came out in a beautiful part of my flower garden. I wanted a sign so badly. I went outside, and the angel that I had put on her grave had fallen over. I picked it up and set it deep into the soil where it would stand up. Later that evening I went out to visit her once more, and the angel was once more on its side.
I know in my heart that this was Monkey's way of letting me know that she was still with me and was trying to reassure me that one day we will be together again.
I treasure the time I had with her and am so thankful that she let me know that she needed to stay with me. I am keeping the other kitten now, too, as I can't bear to let her go.
I miss my Monkey so much and have cried barrels of tears. It's so hard to know for sure that I couldn't have done more.

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