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But this post is about his sister (niece by breeding) Shasta.  Beagles are strong pack animals anyway - I wonder if the bond between these two was even stronger.  That is Shasta in the back.  She is one reason I wish I could go out right now and bring another Beagle home but that will have to wait til I sell this place and move (4 to 5 months).

My dilemma is she is so sensitive - she is always picking up on my feelings, ALL of them.  There is no way I can stop my emotional roller coaster right now from being sensed by her.  And I know there are times she misses her brother - sometimes she just won't go out into the backyard where he would do his "hunting" - I catch her still looking for him sometimes.  She even is going thru some bak problems right now - just like he had.  She is slowly coming out of it and is starting to move better.  I need to start walking her more - maybe go to Petsmart, the dog park.  I try paying more attention to her - playing with her - have her "looking" for treats.  Any other ideas are  greatly appreciated.  Doing more with her is helping me too.
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you are doing all that you can, i went thru the same issue last year.........2x..........i had 3 dogs at one point, then lost two last year and only had one.....

What did was give my dog extra love, extra care, extra play time, extra walks, extra car rides and tons of kisses. I sometimes feels she has abandonment issues, cuz she doesn't know where her sisters are. I tell her the "names" and just love her so much. I recently adopted and that is going great, the new "sibiling" loves my Jemma!! they get along great.

You are doing the best that you can, just keep the love flowing................


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The picture you posted almost broke my heart all over again.  I lost my Molly last Thanksgiving and am still grieving terribly.  Not sure I could ever have another Beagle though, I would be comparing the new one to Molly and that would not be fair of me to do that. My arms ache and how I want to kiss that beautiful muzzle again.  Beagles are the sweetest doggies ever and I know everyone here will disagree with me and think that their babies were the best and of course they are right.  Beagles are such funny little ones and get the silliest grin on their beautiful faces when happy like running through leaves or whatever, they are just funny happy little doggies.

I am sorry the one left is hurting but I can tell you have enough love get both of you through this time.
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