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So sorry for the loss of your kitty!  It is hard no matter how they pass.  I am so sorry for the trauma you went through.  It was not your fault.  Your kitty was living the happy life he loved - and that is what you were giving to him.  You trusted the experts so do not second guess yourself.  You obviously loved him a lot - what a lucky kitty he was to have a home like he did!  Just try to remember all the great times.  I lost my 19-year old cat Patch to kidney failure.  He was sick and I knew the time was coming.  But it did not make it any easier. I had to give him the gift of ending his pain and not consider my needs over his.   

Lily Marie's mom - I am sorry to hear about your sweet baby.  You are eventually going to have to make that terrible decision so many pet parents have to - to give them back to God and end their pain.  It is a gift we give to them because we love them and in that moment, love them more then ourselves.  I will keep you in my thoughts.  

Best to everyone on this post and this forum.  Hugs to everyone.
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Thank you soo much JulieF for your kind words!! You made me feel much better. I think I will have my good and bad days but will have to remember he had a great life and lived like a king till the end. I am sorry about the loss of your cat Julie--you were blessed to have your cat for a long time. It doesn't make it any easier to lose though. My prayers are with you.

Dear Lily Marie's mom, I can only imagine what you are going through. Enjoy her as much as you can now and shower her with love. When the times comes when you have to let her go, you will know its time. God bless her and your family at this time. My prayers are with you!
Veena Gowda
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@veena_gowda1973 and @JulieF

Thank you!
Knowing that God is the Alpha and Omega of all things...I will definitely trust His plan. 

Prayers to you all!
Ms. King
Lily Marie's Mom
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