As some of you probably know, my rabbit Rafa died one week ago during her spay surgery. I really miss her. I still can't get to my normal daily routine and the house feels completely lonely/eerie without her. Even before her death I wanted her to be my special furry friend and that's why I didn't wanted to get another rabbit after her.

But I've been thinking how many rabbits needs a proper home since many of them become victims of spoiled and careless children who gets them just because they are "cute", snake/eagle food, go to lab tests and many other forms of abuse. I wish I could give them all the best life possible! I'm not a cat-dog person and bunnies aren't carnivores and get along well with birds (at least Rafa did), so I've been thinking in getting a male with different fur color and already neutered in the future when I get my own home, I don't want him to be hurt by the lil "breed" doggy that family are forcing me to accept. Any thoughts?
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Hello Nanna,

Firstly, my condolences to you.  I too, lost my cat last week and feel the same about my house being eerie...even though I have another cat in the home (I had two cats, but now I have the one surviving cat).

I am of the mind to wait on getting another pet, especially since your grief is so fresh.  I know that in grief, people tend to make extreme decisions which ultimately become regrettable, or not something they would have done while in duress.

I am open to getting a second cat again, but I am going to wait until the grief subsides and it is the right time/opportunity to open up my home and heart to a cat that needs what I offer.  

Sending you love,

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