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How about this ... Go to the local shelter once or twice a week for a month.  Walk down all the rows of cages with cats and kittens of all ages.  Notice how they reach out to you, begging for love, just a touch, just a pet, just a reason to purr. Notice the ones that are missing between your visits.  Don't even bet that most of them were adopted.  Bet that they were 'put to sleep'.  

Remember that one sweet kitty that reached out to you?  That little fluff ball with the round face full of whiskers. Remember those clear and bright eyes?  Remember the warmth of her paw?  Now those little paws are gone. The little mews forever silenced. Lying limp and motionless on a floor after the injection.  Soon to be piled with all the others, tossed in a furnace for mass cremation.  
       Forever remember that that was one of the kittens from your cat's first litter.

That is reality.  
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I would wait allow a female cat to go through one estrus cycle before I had her spayed, but I wouldn't want the hassle of dealing with a litter of kittens and worrying about finding homes for them. But I am single and I have to go to work 5 days a week. If you have the time and resources, watching your cat give birth and care for kittens may be very rewarding for you. hạt óc chó 
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There is no reason to contribute to the animal overpopulation problem. Get your cat fixed!
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2.7 milllion homeless cats and 1.5 million dogs are euthanized every single year.  That is Millions, not 1000's or 100's or scores.. Millions. Bringing more kittens in to a place where there are so many who already need a home seems unfair to the ones who will die, because they have no one to love them.

Bertie's Daddy
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Early spay and neuter causes significant health problems. The articles below are for dogs, but still...






Instead of completely desexing an animal, which removes hormone sources vital for healthy development and overall health, ask for a tubal ligation or vasectomy. Problem solved. No overpopulation of pets, and better health for the ones we have. These procedures are available in other countries, but not as much in the USA because of little demand. However, these procedures are much simpler, less risky, and have less recovery. The more pet parents ask for these, the more likely they’ll become the norm, instead of the butchery that is done now. To spay a female animal young is the equivalent of giving a 6-16 year old human girl a hysterectomy as birth control. How does that make you feel? ... So why would you do it to an animal? We need to be humane and balanced in our choices.

There are better options. Ask for them.

—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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Oh my god, just get your pets fixed! There are a million cats available for adoption already, so if you are able to have five cats and already have two, go adopt three more that already exist and desperately need homes instead of breeding the two you have! It's ridiculous and irresponsible, the people that aren't responsible pet owners shouldn't reproduce, either.
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That was a cool idea. But I think it will be better if you try to adopt or something like that.
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