My beautiful 1 yr old Siamese was killed by one of my neighbors. Idk which one but..he snuck out the house Thursday and couldn't find him all day. Friday I became very concerned cause he never misses breakfast. That's when I went out to my front porch to find his lifeless body on my front porch. Upon examination it turns out he was shot with a BB gun which punctured his lungs. And whoever did it put him on my porch.
I am beyond angry, devastated.
I have been crying ever since.
I've filed a police report but can't do much else.
I miss him terribly. Everything in my house reminds me of him.
No one greets me at the door after a long day of work.
No one to cuddle in bed with.
I would do anything to be able to cuddle him one last time. He was an amazing cat. I pray he didn't suffer, and I will get justice for whoever did this to my baby.
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I'm so very sorry for you and can't even imagine how you feel, by cat was put to sleep on Saturday after a short illness and that was bad enough. I hope and pray he didn't suffer too. Sending you hugs and love
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Oh I am so so sorry to read your story. What a terrible thing to happen, you poor love. Whether it was an accident or not, I hope you find out the coward who did this. Someone somewhere will know and they will be found out or karma will reap it's justice. I know there is nothing anyone can say or do to help you feel better but please know you have friends here who care about your grief. Sending huge bear hugs to you. X
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I understand your pain completely. My fur baby Deacon got out of our yard on Thursday and we found him lifeless on the side of the highway later that night. I completely lost it. I am filled with so much anger, guilt, and sadness, i dont know what to do with myself. How could someone do this? How could i have let this happen? My house seems empty now. He was my everything.
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Dear Ana,

I am so sorry for you. What an utterly senseless act. I absolutely know how angry and upset you are. A few years ago we lost our family cat because of the selfish and beyond stupid / callous act of another human being. I was consumed with anger and wanting justice / revenge. I do hope the police can do something. 

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Dear Ana,

I was outraged reading your story. I am so sorry for your huge, senseless loss.
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I read this post and became infuriated.  You poor thing.  I am so very very sorry and the person who did this deserves to be killed.  I sincerely mean that.  Anyone that can hurt an innocent pet that we love should be punished forever.

I lost my cat Coony in August; if anybody had tried to hurt him, I think I would have lost it and killed the person if could.  As Bailey said, this was a senseless and very cruel loss.   I'm so sorry.
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