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Hi so sorry your so stuck in your sadness..i was stuck for a while and couldnt get out of my hole..i stopped doing my regular things..i hated coming home and cried everyday..then i met Oscar and i cried again..hes the most loving little boy and i cant wait til he grows up to be as gorgeous as your Rocky..he was a beaut! 😻
Im not saying to anyone to get another kitten as it will make u forget.. Oscar just happened to be there at the right time for me..he will never replace Ollie no cat can but Oscar is helping me live again if that makes sense?
Hes 8wks today and a feisty and yet lovin little boy..and hes eyes are still blue! 😍
I will keep posting more piks as he grows and i would still like to keep chatting to you've all helped me in my recovery and Oscar has sealed the deal..
Hugs to you hun..
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Hi Ollie Mom,
I am doing good. The rain has finally stopped and tomorrow it's suppose to get only high of 71 degrees ( for one day.) That will feel so good. Then it is back to 87-88 for the high. Ugh
My first cat Bigwig, was only 6-7 weeks when we got him too. I knew nothing about cats back then. Oh the bundle of joy, the energy, the playing and his funny antics when he played had me always laughing. I am so glad that you and JayC are hitting it off with Oscar. It sounds like it was meant to be!!! Everybody at your vet office is going to fall in love with him! I will be looking forward to seeing him grow up!

I am so very sorry you are stuck with missing Rocky. I still get those days too. I would give anything to have my boy back. Try to be good to yourself, Rocky would want that. I had to take a quick break to get off this site for a few miutes because sometimes it made me sadder. But I will continue to be here for someone who needs it, just like someone was for me. My heart hurts for you. We will get through this though. We will just take longer than others and that's okay.
Sending lots of hugs to all of you's. 💛💛 xx

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Dear Michelle,

I am so sorry that you are still experiencing sadness. : (  I am too. Just last night I broke down crying again I was missing my Marmalade so. And it will be 5 months 1 week this coming Thursday since he departed. 

: *** (

I hope you continue to heal and feel a little better soon sweetheart. 

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