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I know how you feel completely.  I hate the word pet because our animal friends are so much more then that.  We really become each others shadow or other half.  I to took my girl to events like our annual bark in the park and even the doggie dip at the public pool.  She was so great out in public friendly to all animals/humans of all sizes.  She wouldn't jump, bite, or even lick you she just sat wagging ready or a rub.  Our little ones become such a significant part of our life.   Its really two becoming one when you have that special bond.  I think people who haven't experience that with an animal don't understand that our grief isn't confined to one day and we are over it.  I think people who are animal people also sometimes forget the lose and sadness we feel when we say goodbye.  I never realized how hard it was to lose a friend until I lost my own.  I instantly feel awful for not giving my friends/family more attention when they lost their friends.  I now know its one of the hardest things a person will go through.  During my dogs life all I ever heard was your dogs annoying or Jeez she stinks (hound dog).  I get really offended when people don't see what a wonderful girl my dog was.  Especially since she was so mellow, friendly, and easy going.  So what if she stole dinner sometimes.  I understand getting angry when people don't appreciate how special they were to us.  

I still have days were I am completely lost.  You said it perfectly life use to fly by and now its slow going.  Your not alone in this though.  We all are feeling the pain  you feel.  I know with time it will become easier to handle.  I know our animals know we love them.  I know they watch over us and never truly leave our side they are always with us in some way.  As long as you keep her memory alive shes never far from you.  I still say goodnight to my girl EVERY NIGHT.  I still have her photo on my phone, our family photos up, and my daughter still says goodbye to her as we leave home each day (now its to her ashes though).  Stay strong we are all here for you and we all understand just how amazing each others animals are.
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