Just looking at some photos . Thatcher in thunder jacket. It did not work for him. But he looked cute. Lol.
Also once I came home and he did not greet me. I knew something was up. Unrolling the toilet paper. Believe it or not I had to put the recycled paper garbage up not the good garbage. He was big in tissues and paper. Lol. Miss my boy!!
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Thanks for sharing Cecelia,

Your Thatcher certainly was a handsome fellow.  Was "Thunder-Jacket" his Superhero name? ; )

Actually would make a good Wrestler name too!

"Big in tissues and paper." What a silly lad.

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Marmalade. Lol should have given him that name. Unfortunately he did not like wearing the jacket for windy nights or fireworks he preferred being on my lap!( I loved it). Even though he was not a lap dog.. I use to give him Rescue Remedy all natural alcohol free drops And that worked a bit. Did not like giving drugs made him dopey and I heard they were still anxious anyway.
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Love the pictures of Thatcher! We tried the thunder jacket for Bubby...LOL! That DID NOT WORK! Nope not one bit. He started walking all goofy. We couldn’t even put a collar on him.

Thatcher really went that extra mile with the toilet paper. Nope couldn’t just leave it in the bathroom...had to take it down the hall! Silly boy!

Thanks for sharing photos of your baby. He’s a handsome one!


Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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